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Kubelwagen Type82 4WD RTR 1/12th Scale

Kubelwagen Type82 4WD RTR 1/12th Scale

Kubelwagen Type82 4WD RTR 1/12th Scale

FMS ROC11241RTRGY Vehicle
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  • Kubelwagen Type82 4WD RTR 1/12th Scale

    The FMS 1/12 Kubelwagen RC Model presents itself in Mid-term to take you back to the war-torn era with its spectacular design.

    The Boxer air-cooled horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine serves as the core of the car. The cylinders of the horizontally opposed engine are distributed on both sides, a 130 motor in the right cylinder position, and another 130 motor reserved for the left side, which can output twice as much power when applied to the VW T1 or Porsche 356 platform.

    The engine crankshaft flywheel is connected by a belt to drive the generator and the cooling fan as well. The semi-circular fan fairing is a major feature, in which the airflow is distributed to the cylinders on both sides. All is restored on the model, meaning you can observe the blades rotating through the fan intake when the motor is running.The Kübelwagen,has 4 forward gears,their maximum speed respectively goes as 1st gear 18.4km/h; 2nd gear 32.4km/h; 3rd gear 54.2km/h; 4th gear 83.6km/h. The corresponding red line of gearshift tips is available on the dashboard. On the model, a 2-speed shift is designed to simulate the speed of the 1st and 3rd gears of the real car. The power crosses over from the top of the rear axle differential and then returns to the rear axle. The model share the same structure as the real engine, with the benefit of compactness, making it easy to switch between 4WD and RWD modes. This shift function is perfectly reproduced on the model to provide more driving pleasure when driving off-road.

    The popular door axle in today's climbing car market has been in mass production for barrel car as early as 82 years ago, from which barrel car chassis learned and made minimum ground clearance 310mm, dwarfing all modern off-road cars on the market today.

    The car body, on which R & D team spend the most time where you can see the Bosch horn and headlights, Notek camouflage lights. The tires are the most common 5.25×16 in the barrel car. Like the real car, the simulated wheels need to be fixed with 5 screws, the spare tire on the front available for being taken off and installed for use. The rearview mirror is real rather than sticker and its angle is adjustable also.

    With 1/12 figures, a plot can be vividly displayed and users can gradually refine the plot with the increase of this series.The armrest in front of the rear seats has four clips in the middle that fit into holes in the floor to hold four 98K rifles.

    For the electronic system, 4-channel digital proportional remote control system is applied. In addition to 1&2 channels for steering and throttle control, the 3rd channel controls the gearshift and the 4th channel switching between 4WD and RWD. There is also integrated light control, which allows you to turn on the headlights during normal night driving.


    • Four-wheel independent suspension
    • Rear portal axles
    • Front and rear axle planetary gear differentials
    • Perfect restoration of Air-cooled horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine
    • 130 motor in the cylinder
    • Cooling fan driven by belt
    • The third channel for the two-speed transmission controls
    • The fourth channel for switch between 4WD-RWD Mode
    • Retractable Windscreen
    • Servo Operated Synchronized Steering Wheel and Front Wheels
    • Angle-adjustable real rearview mirror
    • Four openable doors and mechanical locks included
    • Soft fabric seats & retractable rear seats
    • Spacious Luggage compartment space &Openable hatch
    • Openable Engine hatch
    • Excellent light function
    • Realistic 5.25-16 tires, wheels and spare tire
    • Front and rear metal bumpers
    • Perfect for 1/12 figures
    • 30 stainless steel ball bearings
    • Full metal gears
    • Full metal drive shaft
    • World War II German gray scheme
    • Exquisite pad-printed body logo
    • Four-channel 2.4Ghz digital proportional remote control system
    • Receiver electronic governor two in one
    • 9G servo x 3pcs
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