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Velineon VXL - 3m Brushless Power System:1/16

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Velineon VXL - 3m Brushless Power System:1/16

Traxxas TRA3370 (3370) Brushless Motor
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  • Velineon VXL - 3m Brushless Power System:1/16

    This is the Velineon VXL3m Extreme Brushless Power System from Traxxas.
    This is for the 1/16th scale VXL from Traxxas


    Ultra high temp sintered neodymium motor magnets
    Balanced rotor
    High speed ball bearings
    Low voltage detection
    Traxxas high current connectors
    16-gauge wire


    VXL3m ESC, TRAM3375
    Velineon 380 Brushless Motor, TRAC3371


    Installation in vehicle


    VXL3m ESC:
    Input Voltage: 6-12 cells NiMH, 2S to 3S LiPo
    Motors: Sensorless Brushless
    Motor Limit: None
    Continuous Current: 52A
    Peak Current: 326A
    BEC Voltage: 6.0Volts DC
    Transistor Type: MOSFET
    On-Resistance: 0.0005 ohms
    PWM Frequency: 12,000Hz
    Weight: 38g (1.34oz)
    Type: Sensorless Brushless
    RPM/Volt: 4000 (8-turn)
    Current Ratings: 25A constant/50A burst
    Max RPM: 50,000
    Weight: 140g (4.94oz)
    Length: 48.15mm (1.9")
    Diameter: 28mm (1.1")
    Shaft Diameter: 2.7mm (0.11")


    • Traxxas High-Current Connector maintains pure, unrestricted power flow from the battery to the brushless power system.
    • Built-in two-stage low voltage detection for Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery use provides a clear signal to the driver that the battery pack is nearing its minimum voltage threshold
    • Wide range of battery options, including 6-12 cell NiMH or NiCad packs
    • The patent-pending Training Mode™ is an exclusive Traxxas feature that reduces the overall power output of the VXL-3m by 50%, making it easier for new or younger drivers to control their model. When they're ready, simply change profiles to unleash full-throttle action.
    • Advanced circuit design allows sensorless brushless motors to operate with the smoothness and precision of the best brushed systems. There's no need for additional sensor wiring and hardware complexity.
    • The VXL-3m is programmable with three drive profiles: Sport mode, Race mode, and Training mode
    • Water resistent case design uses rubber seals and o-rings to protect against damage caused by water and moisture.
    • Micro-fin aluminum heatsink dissipates heat.
    • MOSFET design provides high-current output (326 amp peak) with incredibly low resistance (.0005 (Ohm)).
    • Gold plated 3.5mm bullet connectors on 16-gauge Maxx® Cable flow full power to the motor without performance-strangling resistance.
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