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Spektrum GPS Telemetry Sensor

Spektrum GPS Telemetry Sensor

Spektrum GPS Telemetry Sensor

Spektrum SPMA95870 Telemetry
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  • Spektrum GPS Telemetry Sensor


    Simple to use and suitable for both Air and Surface applications, the Spektrum GPS Telemetry Sensor provides you with a wide range of valuable information - including location, ground speed, altitude, and distance from home - all from one easy-to-install sensor.


    • Single sensor provides all of the following information:
      • Location
      • Ground Speed
      • Altitude (Above Mean Sea Level)
      • Distance from Home
    • Works in both Surface and Air applications
    • Offers "plug and play" simplicity with TM1000 and TM1500 telemetry modules, and with all telemetry-integrated receivers that have an X-Bus connector interface
    • Easy to set up and use - no calibration needed
    • Water- and dust-proof case design accommodates any environment and weather conditions
    • Great tool for tuning models to achieve the highest speeds
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