• High Voltage (HV) capable (6.0-8.4v input range)
  • Superior torque and speed in a standard servo size (61.4 kg-cm and .095 sec/60° @8.4v)
  • Durable and long-lasting brushless motor
  • Low wear and tightly meshed all metal gear train
  • Dual bearing supported drive train helps maximize smooth operation
  • Aluminum servo case helps keep operating temperatures low
  • Soft start helps prevent component and airframe damage during un-intentional initializations
  • Over Current and Temperature protection
  • Helpful initialization start tone lets pilot know when the servo is ready
  • Integrated servo failsafe holds last known position if signal is lost and power is maintained
  • Operating Frequency: 200hz to 333hz

A6350 Ultra Torque High Speed Brushless MG HV Servo

The Spektrum A6350 Ultra-Torque / High Speed Brushless HV Servo is the next evolution in the expanding line of leading-edge performance servos from Spektrum". Designed with the extraordinarily strong and reliable A6300-series brushless gear train, the A6350 servo takes power and speed to the next level! The A6350 is a top-of-its-class workhorse that's ready for the demands of whatever giant-scale, 3D, or jet model you fly. And the A6350 servo is also a good choice for any application that requires high performance, high speed, and ultimate power.