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Hot-Shot 2 Standard

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Hot-Shot 2 Standard

Hobbico HCAP2520 Glow Plug
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  • Hot-Shot 2 Standard

    This is a Hot-Shot #2 Standard Glo-Starter with Battery Charger.
    This is used to heat glow plugs while starting glow-powered engines.


    Proven Twist and Lock Connector ensures a secure, solid connection
    that won't come off, providing safer, faster starts for your model.
    Pre-Installed Genuine Sanyo Sub-C battery cell
    Included AC battery charger with hex-shaped charge end recharges the
    glow starter in 10 hours. A Red LED glows when unit is Charging.
    Removable Red rubber socket cap prevents shorting and any dirt or
    dust debris from entering into the the shaft.
    One Year Limited Warranty USA and Canada only


    One Hot Shot #2 Standard Glo-Starter w/Red rubber protective cap
    One Hot Shot #2 Glo-Starter Battery Charger
    One Instruction/Header Card


    Sanyo Sub-C NiCd Battery: 1500mAh, 1.2V
    AC Charger- Input: 110-120V AC 60Hz (US Standard)
    Output: 1.25V DC 150mA
    Hot Shot- Overall Length: 4" (102mm) Shaft Length: 2-1/4" (57mm)
    Diameter: 15/16" (24mm)


    How to use: To lock onto your engine's glow plug, place the end of
    the Hot Shot 2 over the plug and push down. Twist the Hot Shot 2
    clockwise and it locks into place.
    Charging: Before using, initial charge should be 12 to 14 hours
    Subsequent charging time is approximately 10 hours
    For Hot Shot #2 Long version use HCAP2522
    For Super Hot Shot #2 version use HCAP2528
    *********The Charger originally packaged with this Glo-Starter had a 150mAh
    charge rate which takes a long time to charge the large mAh battery.
    The customer charges the battery initially for 12 hours; 24 hours if
    they are regular fliers.

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