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GT60 w/E-6020 Muffler

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GT60 w/E-6020 Muffler

O.S. Engines OSMG1561 Airplane Engine Gas
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  • GT60 w/E-6020 Muffler

    This is the O.S. GT60 Gasoline Large Scale Airplane Engine
    with Pitts Style E-6020 Muffler.


    Linerless cylinder with the cylinder head integrated with the
    cylinder, this arrangement allows for extremely precise intake/
    exhaust timing and very high scavenging efficiency resulting in
    higher output
    IG-02 electronic ignition system can be powered by 4-6 cell NiCd/
    NiMH batteries or 2-cell LiPo batteries
    Custom designed Walbro carburetor mounted to rear of engine with
    integrated choke rod guide
    Two year limited warranty through Hobby Services beginning at date
    of purchase


    O.S. GT60 Gasoline Engine, IG-02 Electronic Ignition. E6020 Muffler,
    CM6 Spark Plug


    Propeller: Break-In 23x8
    Acro/Scale 22x10-12, 23x8-10, 24x8-10
    Unleaded regular gasoline (no need to use high octane)
    Two-Cycle Oil: Break-In, Klotz Modelube recommended, mix at 30:1
    gas/oil mixture for 10 flights, 1.3 - 1.6 gallons (5-6 liters) of
    After Break-In: mix at 50:1 ratio, See COMMENTS below
    Electric starter NOTE, The propeller must be brought up to at least
    100RPM in order for the electronic ignition to work


    Displacement: 3.656 (59.91cc)
    Bore: 1.732" (44.0mm)
    Stroke: 1.551" (39.4mm)
    RPM Range: 1,600-8,000 RPM
    Output: 6.00 hp @ 7,000 RPM
    Weight: Engine, 49.38oz (1400g)
    Ignition module, 3.7oz (105g)
    Muffler: 6.28oz (178g)
    Suggested Propeller Size and RPM Data:
    22x10 6,900 RPM
    23x8 7,000 RPM
    24x8 6,550 RPM
    24x10 6,150 RPM
    Distance/Vertical Mounting Hole Centers: 2.6" (66mm)
    Distance/Horizontal Mounting Hole Centers: 3.1" (78mm)
    Height of Mounting Tabs: 3.4" (85.6mm)
    Height Lower Mounting Tab/Top of Cylinder Head: 6.9" (175mm)
    Height Lower Mounting Tab/Crankshaft Center: 1.7" (42.8mm)
    Height Crankshaft Center/Top of Cylinder Head: 5.2" (132.2mm)
    Cylinder Head Width: 6.6" (168mm)
    Width at Mounting Tabs: 3.8" (97.6mm)
    Center of Muffler Mounting Holes: 1.6" (40mm)
    Distance/Crankshaft Center to Muffler Hole Center: 2.7" (69.5mm)
    Length from Carburetor to Backplate: 1.5" (38.8mm)


    If using a different brand of oil other than Klotz, OS recommends
    their own mix ratio which may differ from the manufacturers'
    For 40:1, and 50:1 oils, OS recommends a 30:1 gas/oil mixture
    25:1 is 5oz of pre-mixed 2-cycle oil or 151 ml per gallon of fuel
    30:1 is 4.3oz of pre-mixed 2-cycle oil or 126 ml per gallon of fuel
    40:1 is 3.2oz of pre-mix 2-cycle oil or 95 ml per gallon of fuel
    50:1 is 2.6oz of pre-mix 2-cycle oil or 76 mll per gallon of fuel

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