Steel T-Pins 1-1/4 (100)

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Steel T-Pins 1-1/4 (100)

Hobbico HCAR5150 Hand Tools
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  • Steel T-Pins 1-1/4 (100)

    Hobbico's Nickle Plated T-Pins, are made for High Strength Steel and Have the
    Sharpest Points You'll Find.


    Nickle plating for extra high strength
    Steel inner core helps keep the points as sharp as they were the
    first day that you used them.
    Perfect for holding your balsa parts down to your plans.


    One Hundred T-Pins


    These Pins are 1-1/4" (35mm) Long.
    Diameter: (.92mm)


    Pindriver/Pusher for Easy and Safe Setting and Pulling of T-Pins,
    use GPMR8050.


    They are "T" Shaped to Help Protect Your Fingers When Pulling Them
    From Balsa. Much Better Than Regular "Straight Pins".
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