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Tecnam-2010 1450mm PNP

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Tecnam-2010 1450mm PNP

Arrows AH016P Airplane
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  • Tecnam-2010 1450mm PNP

    Explore new heights with the Arrows 1450mm Tecnam-2010

    Designed from the ground-up as a beginner-friendly aircraft, the Arrows Tecnam-2010 is easy to build and easy to fly.

    Easy to Build

    Thanks to the modular construction of the airframe, the aircraft is ready for flight with the installation of only a few screws. Remove the screws and the aircraft easily comes apart for transportation and storage.

    Easy to Fly

    Light wing loading and a high-lift airfoil design gives the aircraft highly predictable flight characteristics.

    With the pre-installed Vector system, the Tecnam-2010 is one of the most forgiving aircraft on the market, while retaining aerobatic performance for advanced pilots looking for a relaxing weekend flyer.

    The nose wheel and rudder are controlled by independent servos, allowing for easy ground handling.


    Power comes courtesy of a high-quality 3536-850kV motor and 30A ESC (Arrows recommends a 11.1V 2200mAh 25C flight battery). When paired with the highly efficient 11x7 propeller and proper throttle management, expect flight times of up to 15 minutes!

    Advanced Features

    Built using durable EPO material and equipped with rugged plastic wing struts, the Tecnam-2010 will stand up to a surprising amount of wear and tear. A latch-type battery cover makes changing batteries a painless experience.

    Whether you're a beginner or an advanced pilot, the Arrows 1450mm Tecnam-2010 is the perfect aircraft to have in you fleet!


    • 3536-850kV motor, 30A ESC, 9g digital servos
    • Functional flaps
    • Takes off in less than 5 meters
    • Oversized battery compartment
    • Metal shock-absorbing landing gear
    • Bright navigation lights
    • Latch type battery bay cover
    • Screw together assembly (excluding antenna)
    • Made from durable EPO material


    1450mm (57.1in)
    1110mm (43.7in)
    Power System:
    Electronic Speed Control:
    30A (XT60 male)
    9 gram servo X 7
    Required Battery:
    11.1V 2200mAh 25C
    Required Radio:
    6 Channel transmitter and receiver required
    Skill Level:

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