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Super Cub LP RTF

Super Cub LP RTF

Super Cub LP RTF

HobbyZone HBZ7300 Airplane (Discontinued)
This item is discontinued but parts are still available in the Parts List below.
  • Super Cub LP RTF

    Teach yourself to fly RC by mastering the basics of throttle, steering and pitch control with the HobbyZone® Super Cub LP.  The Super Cub LP brings together great scale looks and gentle flying characteristics in this classic Cub trainer. 

    Beyond being a great way to teach yourself to fly, the HobbyZone Super Cub LP also offers you exciting options that you simply won’t find in any other RC plane like it. Options like HobbyZone’s exclusive X-Port™ technology that lets you add remotely controlled functions like parachute drops (requires Aerial Drop Module™ - sold separately). There’s also an optional float kit (sold separately) that lets you turn any lake or pond into a back country, bush-flying adventure. As with all HobbyZone airplanes, the Super Cub LP comes with everything you need to get flying in this box and can be flight-ready in as little time as it takes you to charge the battery pack.

    HobbyZone’s Innovative Anti-Crash Technology 

    Anti-Crash Technology (ACT™) makes teaching yourself to fly easier and safer than ever before. With ACT, anyone can fly.

    Here’s how it works:

    HobbyZone’s exclusive Anti-Crash Technology (ACT™) ensures your first flights are smooth and stable by using special optical sensors and software that analyze your flight path. If ACT “sees” you are losing control and entering a steep dive, it reacts quickly to help prevent a crash by actually helping you regain control. After you’ve mastered the basics, you can flip the switch on the transmitter, even while in flight, and turn Anti-Crash Technology off. With ACT off, your Super Cub LP will be capable of more advanced maneuvers such as steep turns and loops.


    • Completely ready to fly—nothing to do but charge and fly
    • One-box purchase—everything needed to fly is included, even the batteries
    • Realistic scale features in a teach-yourself-to-fly plane
    • Exclusive Anti-Crash Technology (ACT™) facilitates a safe and successful flight experience for beginners
    • Lightweight, high-capacity 3S Li-Po battery pack for generous flight times
    • Includes a DC charger with an AC adapter
    • Easy to repair, lightweight, durable Z-Foam™ construction
    • An easy-to-install, one-piece wing that provides incredible handling and smooth flight
    • Powerful 480 motor for faster climbs and more speed
    • Steerable tail wheel and steel wire pushrods for precise control
    • Proportional 3-channel FM transmitter with 2,500-foot range
    • X-Port™ technology equipped for use with add-on accessories such as Aerial Drop Module™
    • Float mounts installed and ready to accommodate the Super Cub float set (HBZ7390 - sold separately)
    • Super Cub “Learn to Fly” DVD with assembly instructions and flying tips to make sure that getting started is easy

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