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HobbyZone Aerobird Swift RTF

Purchase a HobbyZone Aerobird Swift and receive a free 8.4V 1000mAh battery (BUJ1000).
HobbyZone Aerobird Swift RTF


  • A 3-channel, reusable, FM radio system allows for superb control and maneuverability through throttle, aileron and elevator control. The radio system has new architecture, making it reusable in other 3-channel aircraft.
  • A one-box purchase so, everything that is needed to get flying comes in the box
  • A ready-to-fly design gets you in the air quickly after simply attaching the wing pieces and landing gear, and installing the rechargeable battery
  • Two flight modes, High Rate and Low Rate, are selectable from a switch on the transmitter and allow you to control the level of difficulty dependent upon your skill level
  • A mid-fuselage attach point for the wing makes the plane respond better to wind and fly more smoothly
  • A two-piece, mid-set, plug-in wing allows the wing to be strong, stay relatively clear of the prop and have a sleek, swept-wing design. It also allows the plane to fit in a shorter, stronger box, making transportation easier for you.
  • X-Port technology so you can use exciting plug-in accessories, such as the Sonic Combat Module to dog fight with other X-Port-equipped planes, and the Aerial Drop Module to drop bombs or a parachutist
  • Two lightweight aileron servos help to minimize weight and increase maneuverability
  • A powerful 480 motor for great climb rate and power
  • Durable, steel wire pushrods for more precise and consistent control
  • Lightweight, yet durable, foam and plastic components maximize aerobatics while minimizing weight and crash damage
  • A soft, resilient rubber nose cushions the force of impact and decreases damage from a hard landing.
  • Main and rear landing gear enable you to land on asphalt, concrete or short grass.


Learn how to fly with aileron control with the Aerobird Swift. This Zone 3, 3-channel, aileron trainer comes ready to help you improve your flying skills. Flying with throttle, aileron and elevator is only the beginning of the fun. The Aerobird Swift is also equipped with X-Port technology so you can add-on accessories such as the Aerial Drop or Sonic Combat modules. Let the fun begin!


  • Wing Span: 48 in
  • Overall Length: 34 in
  • Motor Size: 480 Power
  • Radio: 3 channel proportional FM
  • Trim Scheme Colors: yellow, red, black
  • Speed Control: Power FET proportional ESC/RX
  • Recommended Battery: includes 7 cell 8.4V 1000mAh Ni-MH pack
  • Aileron: Proportional
  • Elevator: Proportional
  • Throttle: Proportional
  • Approx. Flying Duration: 10-12 minutes
  • Transmitter Range: 2500 ft.
  • Available Frequencies: 6 channels on 27 MHz
  • X-Port: yes
  • Charger: 1.2A Variable Rate DC Peak
  • Landing Gear: Front landing gear with foam wheels with optional rear gear