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Fliton Andrew Jesky Extra 330 ARF

FLNAJEXT330 Fliton Andrew Jesky Extra 330 ARF


  • 2 Piece Removable Main Wing with Carbon Wing Tube
  • Painted and Pre-Cut Fiberglass Cowl
  • Airfoiled Horizontal Stab and Rudder
  • Carbon Enclosed Tail Wheel Set
  • Counter-Balanced Elevators and Rudder
  • "EasyUP" Outrunner Motor Mount
  • Large Top Removable Hatch
  • Pre-Slotted Servo Mounts
  • Strong Fiberglass Landing Gear & Wheel Pants
  • 1 Piece Pull-Pull Bolt Horn
  • Duralumin Control Horns
  • Contrasting Top/Bottom Covering Scheme
  • Upgraded Rims and Wheels
  • New Step-by-Step Photo Manual


When Fliton sat down with the 2005 XFC (Xtreme Flight Championships) champion Andrew Jesky, he was adamant about making the absolute best large scale parkflyer available in todays market. He swore not to rest until a true precision IMAC and unlmited 3D capable parkflyer for everyday pilots, was born. After many design changes and 3 prototypes later, Fliton would proudly unveil the Andrew Jesky Extra 330S... the ultimate in professional grade. In respect to the high quality build, easy assembly, impressive hardware, robust construction, championship performance and sleek color scheme, it is designed exclusively for the conscientious hobbyist like yourself. Tested, approved, co-designed by Andrew Jesky and backed by Fliton's commitment to high quality, the AJ Extra 330S is a must have for every hangar, big or small.
Designed to be highly compatible with today's popular brushless outrunner motors and lithium polymer batteries. The overall build is very straightforward and can be assembled in as little as a few hours. An interlocking joint structure and special covering also makes for a very strong construction. Expect your Andrew Jesky Extra to execute 40% size performance without the added expense of larger kits. It can easily perform stable harriers (inverted harriers), rolling harriers, locked-in hovers, hands-off knife edges, straight axial rolls, torque rolls, waterfalls and any other 3D or precision aerobatic maneuver you can throw at it. It also delivers wicked aileron/rudder authority, tracks well under breezy conditions, assembles like a jigsaw puzzle with every part fitting accurately, has no bad tendencies, takes off and lands on rails with little input and much more.
Aside from these great performance offerings, the Andrew Jesky Extra also comes fully loaded with a 2 piece removable main wing, attached by a strong lightweight carbon wing tube. A large detachable top hatch provides a surplus of space to access your components with ease. The provided outrunner motor mount is lasercut with thrust incorporated and each individual piece is etched with numbers for extremely fast assembly. The painted fiberglass cowl is already cut and fitted for you so it goes right out of the box onto your airplane. Airfoiled and counter-balanced rudder, horizontal stab and elevators, offers greater structural integrity and a sleeker look. Andrew's covering scheme which is a vibrant mixture of red with white on top and checkered blue with white on the bottom surface, really makes for a visually stunning experience and aids in flight orientation. A carbon enclosed taxiing tail wheel is also provided, which is only fit for an airplane of this caliber.


  • Wing Span: 50.4 inches
  • Overall Length: 49.6 inches
  • Wing Area: 470 square inches
  • Flying Weight: 46-50 ounces (2.9-3.1lbs)