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DXS System w/ AR410 Receiver

DXS System w/ AR410 Receiver

DXS System w/ AR410 Receiver

Spektrum SPM1010 Aircraft Radio
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  • DXS System w/ AR410 Receiver


    • Spektrum DXS system includes transmitter plus full-range, 4-channel AR410 DSMX®/DSM2® compatible air receiver
    • Supports Spektrum Smart Technology for Smart ESC and Smart LiPo battery telemetry
    • Transmitter LEDs display Smart LiPo flight battery status for easy voltage monitoring — an industry first!
    • Proven ergonomic design is optimized for comfort and precise, fatigue-free control
    • Offers wireless trainer system capability with optional SRXL2 DSMX® Remote Receiver (available separately)
    • Registration and updates are possible through a PC with optional USB Programming Cable (available separately)
    • Transmitter comes configured to provide the benefits of SAFE® technology with compatible SAFE-equipped receivers
    • DXS transmitter and AR410 receiver are both fully compatible with other Spektrum DSMX® systems
    • DXS is also available as transmitter-only, requiring a compatible receiver


    For any RC flight enthusiast looking to strike the perfect balance between economy and innovative, high-end features, the 7-channel Spektrum DXS radio and AR410 4-channel receiver combine to create the ideal system. It offers full range control, secure DSMX® interference resistance, advanced telemetry capabilities, and proven transmitter ergonomics for fatigue-free flying. The simplified setup of the DXS also gets you into the air faster, with less time needed for preparation and programming.

    Needed to Complete
    • (4) AA Alkaline Transmitter Batteries
    What's in the Box?
    • (1) Spektrum DXS 7-channel DSMX® Radio Transmitter
    • (1) Spektrum AR410 DSMX® Full-Range 4-Channel Receiver
    • (1) Product Manual


    The DXS transmitter is built around proven Spektrum DSMX® 2.4GHz frequency-agile technology — the most advanced spread spectrum RC technology to date. By adding the agility of unique frequency shifts to the superior interference resistance of a wideband signal, and by limiting those shifts to a smaller portion of the 2.4GHz band, DSMX transmitters provide on-channel interference protection that's second to none.


    Weight distribution, switch placement and trim switch positions have been optimized for comfort and fatigue-free control. An integrated handle and neck strap hook are included for easy carrying. Ports are provided in the rear battery compartment for using optional wireless trainer and PC programming capabilities. The SRXL2 DSMX® Remote Receiver (available separately) is required for wireless trainer support. Registration and firmware updating are possible from your PC by downloading the software from the DXS product page at and using the USB Programming Cable (available separately).


    The Spektrum AR410 is a full-range, 4-channel sport air receiver with DSMX®/DSM2® compatibility and a compact footprint that's streamlined to fit in a wide range of models. The AR410 features an internal antenna design for durability and easy installations while maintaining superior full-range performance. In addition, the AR410 offers fly-by range telemetry that includes flight log and receiver battery pack voltage data. Access to telemetry is automatic when used with any telemetry-capable Spektrum transmitter.


    Get essential flight battery status information at a glance from the DXS transmitter when using it with Smart Avian ESCs and Smart LiPo batteries (sold separately). Four green LEDs on the front of the transmitter communicate the flight battery voltage level. In normal operation with a Smart ESC and Smart battery, only one of the LEDs will glow if the battery is low. Two illuminate to indicate a half-charged battery, three light if the battery is between half and full charge, and all four shine when the flight battery is fully charged.

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