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TRX Pro .15 Std Crank w/PS

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TRX Pro .15 Std Crank w/PS

Traxxas TRA4010 (4010) Engine
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  • TRX Pro .15 Std Crank w/PS

    This is the Standard Crankshaft Version of the Traxxas Pro TRX-15 Engine.
    It is for those who want higher performance than a .12 size engine in their
    1/10 scale kit. This Will Fit Standard Long Crankshaft Applications.


    One Assembled Engine
    One Air Cleaner (Rubber with Foam Element)
    One Full Instruction Book/Warranty Card
    One "Traxxas" Decal Sheet
    Two Replacement Head Gaskets
    One Installed Glow Plug (Standard Long--No Idle Bar)


    ABC (Aluminum Brass Chrome) Construction
    Precision Ball Bearings
    Oversized Blue Anodized Cylinder Head
    Black Recoil Assembly (This Makes it a "Pull-Start" Engine)
    Standard-Size Crankshaft
    Fully Adjustable Carb and Needle Settings
    Double O-Ring Seals On Each Needle
    Channelled-Beam Connecting Rod for Improved Oil Flow
    Traxxas Lifetime Engine Replacement Policy


    According to Traxxas, this engine will produce 20% more power than
    the TRX-12, which is approximately 9-11% more power than the OS
    CZ-Z. These figures are tested on a dyno (loaded) which provides
    power curves on a computer. Traxxas was unable to provide any
    numbers on BHP, bore, stroke, etc. Keep in mind that these figures
    are often useless, as they will vary from engine to engine. And
    there are other variables to consider - the kit, terrain, %nitro
    in fuel, etc.
    Overall Length (from end of shaft to back of recoil): 92mm (3-5/8")
    Length of Crankshaft (from drive washer): 15mm (19/32")
    Length of Crankshaft (from crankcase): 22mm (7/8")
    Height (top of cylinder head to bottom of backplate): 93mm (3-5/8")
    Width: 51mm (2")
    Mount Holes (center to center): left to right: 31mm (1-1/4")
    front to back: 11mm (7/16")
    Overall Width of Mounting Ears (where the holes are): 40mm (1-9/16")
    ***Mounts the same as an OS .12 and .15 CV***


    1/10 scale Kit to put it into and 5%-20% Glow Fuel.


    For the Pro 15 with the Short Crankshaft, use TRAG4007.
    For the Pro 15 with the Long Crankshaft, use TRAG4009.
    The kits that this engine fits into are:
    4007 fits: Nitro Rustler, Nitro Stampede, RC10GT, and the Losi GTX
    4009 fits: Nitro Hawk, Nitro Buggy, and Nitro Street
    If you have any other kit, I would call that manufacturer
    or call Traxxas directly at 1-888-TRAXXAS.
    Traxxas engines run much hotter than "normal" engines (O.S., ASP,
    Thundertigre, etc.). Therefore, Traxxas recommends their Top Fuel
    (TRAP5010) and their glow plug (TRAG3230) to run the engine cooler.

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