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Talion 6S BLX Red/Black

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Talion 6S BLX Red/Black

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  • Talion 6S BLX Red/Black

    This is the Arrma 2.4GHz Radio Controlled, Brushless Powered, 1/8 scale
    Ready to Run Talion 6S BLX Speed Truggy with Red and Black Body.

    **Newly Designed Features Include;**
    Aggressive Low-Profile Body with Multi-Element High-Downforce Wing
    Low-Profile Wing Mount
    Low-Profile dBoots Katar Tires
    Wheels Designed for On-Road Speed as well as Offroading
    New Shocks with 4mm Shafts
    Lower Shock Towers for Less Drag
    Larger Radio Box
    Shares Battery Tray, Battery Box and adlustable Body Mounts with
    the Outcast 6S
    Stronger Bulkheads
    Stronger Front and Rear Braces
    Stiffer Servo Mount


    Chassis: 0.12" (3mm) thick aluminum
    Drive: Four wheel with front CVD, rear dogbone
    Radio: Tactic TTX300 2.4GHz 2-channel with SLT (Secure Link
    Technology) for unbreakable link between transmitter and receiver
    ADS15M waterproof metal gear steering servo with 208 oz/in
    (15 kg/cm) torque, TE326 receiver
    Motor and ESC: BLX185 Brushless Power System, 2050Kv brushless motor,
    with etched aluminum finned motor can for efficient heat
    dissipation, gold connectors
    Pinion Gear: 13T mod1 installed on motor, 20T pinion gear included
    for running on hard, flat surfaces, DO NOT use this gear offroad
    or for start/stop driving as this will overheat the motor and or
    Differentials: Gear type filled with silicone diff oil in the
    following viscosities, front 10k, center 100k, rear 10kcSt
    ESC: 150A waterproof ESC with XT90 battery connector, cooling fan,
    bridge connector for use with single 4S or 6S packs
    Shocks: Aluminum body, new shock cap protectors, 4mm diameter shafts
    2000cSt viscosity silicone shock oil
    Shock Towers: New low-profile 0.20" (5mm) thick aluminum
    Suspension: Pillow ball with anti-roll bar
    Body: Newly designed low profile with multi-element high-downforce
    Motor Mount: Aluminum
    Battery Holder: Adjustable hook and loop straps
    Tires: Low profile dBoots Katar with multi-surface tread pattern
    for high-traction under all conditions, 2.24" (57mm) wide,
    5.75" (146mm) diameter, foam inserts with excellent memory returns
    Wheels: Nylon construction Turbo-Fan dish type, 17mm hex, black in
    Camber: Adjustable front and rear, camber refers to the angle of the
    tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind
    Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front
    suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to
    the chassis
    Warranty: Two year limited warranty beginning at date of purchase


    RTR Talion 6S BLX Speed Truggy with 2.4GHz Radio, Brushless Motor,
    13T Pinion Gear, ESC, two XT90 Battery Connectors, Rear Wing,
    Painted Body, 50T Spur Gear, Instruction Manual


    AA Batteries: Four for transmitter
    LiPo Battery: Two 2-3S 5000mAh 35C minimum LiPo with XT90
    connector, Duratrax 11.1V 5000mAh 35C batteries (DTXC1969)
    Battery Charger: To match selected battery
    LiPo charging sack, building & track equipment


    Length: 21.7" (550mm)
    Front Width: 16.46" (418mm)
    Rear Width: 16.34" (415mm)
    Height: 7.1" (180mm)
    Ground Clearance: 1.77" (45mm)
    Final Gear Ratio: 16.54
    Wheelbase: 14.9" (378mm)
    Weight: 8.13lbs (3.68kg) without battery
    Front Spring Rate: 138gf/mm
    Rear Spring Rate: 96gf/mm
    Maximum Battery Dimensions: 6.22 x 1.89 x 2.76" (158 x 48 x 70mm)
    Length: 17.4" (442mm)
    Width: 7.83" (199mm)
    Height: 4.09" (104mm)


    For replacement ball bearings use:
    Qty. Size Location Qty. Bearing Set
    2 15x21mm F&R Inner Hubs 1 ARAC3162
    2 8x16mm F&R Inner Hubs 1 ARAC3156
    2 5x10mm Idler Gear 1 ARAC3200
    2 5x10mm Input Shaft 1 ARAC3200
    2 10x15mm Diff Gear 1 ARAC3202
    6 8x16mm Fr, Ctr & R Diffs 3 ARAC3156

    The BLX185 ESC was set from factory to default to a LiPo battery
    If any adjustments such as recalibration were made, check to see
    that the battery mode has not been inadvertently set to NiMH mode.
    Follow these steps to verify battery mode;
    1. Raise the vehicle chassis so that the wheels are not touching
    2. With the battery or batteries charged and connected to the
    vehicle's ESC leads, switch on the transmitter and then switch
    on the vehicle. If a green LED flashes once the ESC is in LiPo
    mode. If there is no LED flash on the ESC, and a pulsing noise
    is made by the motor, the ESC is in NiMH mode. If you intend to
    use LiPo batteries DO NOT operate ESC in NiMH mode, the
    batteries may be damaged.

    To switch ESC from NiMH mode to LiPo mode perform the following
    1. Connect battery, switch on transmitter, press and hold set
    button and turn on ESC. The red LED will flash.
    2. Keep holding set button until green LED flashes. The number of
    flashes represents the variable number of attributes being
    3. To enter the battery mode programming function, release the set
    button when one green LED flashes.
    4. Press the set button to change battery mode between LiPo and
    NiMH. One RED LED flash indicates ESC is set to LiPo mode.
    5. To save setting, switch ESC off.

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