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Mogrich RTR 1/18th Scale

Mogrich RTR 1/18th Scale

Mogrich RTR 1/18th Scale

FMS ROC11810RTRGN Vehicle
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  • Mogrich RTR 1/18th Scale

    Mogrich is a four-wheel-drive electric car. An ORV (Off-Road Vehicle) is a monster truck remote control for adults developed specifically for off-road use. Mogrich's first concept is a little universal venue; the entire vehicle is not large, yet it serves a variety of uses. It may be used instead of tractors or on horses on farms, and it can tow a huge flatbed truck that is ten times its own weight.

    It quickly established itself as a valuable asset in the forestry and grape-growing businesses. With the advancement of time and car engineering, Mogrich models are frequently utilized in the military area for regional winter road maintenance, firefighting, disaster relief, and construction. Nearly 4 million Mogrich have been sold in over 160 countries throughout the world.

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