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Champ S+ RTF

Champ S+ RTF

HobbyZone HBZ5400 Airplane Electric RTF
Out of Stock ETA: 12/25/2017

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  • Champ S+ RTF

    Whether you’ve never flown RC before or you got your first taste of flying with a multirotor drone, the revolutionary HobbyZone®Champ S+ RTF makes it easier than ever to learn to fly an RC airplane. That’s because it’s equipped with Horizon Hobby’s exclusive SAFE® Plus technology providing the same kind of self-leveling stability and GPS guidance used in advanced drones that can cost thousands of dollars or more. SAFE Plus drone technology can land the airplane for you, keep you from flying too far away, and even lets you virtually "pause" the flight and circle by itself on command. SAFE Plus also includes three flight modes that allow you to learn at your own pace by preventing you from over-controlling the airplane and allowing you to perform basic aerobatic maneuvers when you're ready. 

    Features include:

    AutoLand - When activated, the advanced AutoLand function puts the Champ S+ on a stabilized approach to autonomously land near the takeoff point. When flying in rougher conditions, you can provide some directional guidance and let the system do the rest to execute a safe landing.

    Holding Pattern - Push a button, and the Champ S+ will automatically fly to a point near its takeoff location and circle at an altitude of approximately 65 feet. Once the command is cancelled, you have full control of the aircraft and can continue to fly.

    Virtual Fence - It's easy to accidentally let an RC airplane get too far away, but with Virtual Fence worry no more because it creates a virtual boundary the airplane won't fly past. When the Champ S+ encounters the Virtual Fence, it automatically turns around inside the boundary and wags the wings letting you know you have control again.

    Panic Recovery - If you ever lose control of the Champ S+, just switch to beginner mode and release the control sticks. SAFE® Plus technology will return the aircraft to level flight.

    Flight Envelope Protection - Pitch and roll limits keep the Champ S+ from entering into extreme flight attitudes and conditions.

    AS3X® - Works automatically to stabilize the Champ S+ with the sophistication of 3-axis gyros to help battle the influence of turbulence on windy days.


    • Exclusive SAFE® Plus drone technology from Horizon Hobby
    • 3 Flight modes - Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced
    • Innovative AutoLand technology lands the airplane by itself
    • With Panic Recovery, stable flight is resumed by simply releasing the sticks
    • Holding Pattern allows you to pause your flight with the push of a button
    • Virtual Fence keeps you from flying too far away
    • Durable and lightweight construction so no FAA registration is required
    • FPV ready using the compatible camera (SPMVA2500) and headset (SPMVR1100) or monitor (SPMVM430) sold separately
    • 280mAh 2S 7.4V 30C LiPo battery providing up to 12+ minutes of flying time
    • Powerful 2S brushless power system

    You Will Need

    Nothing! Everything you need is in the box!


    Type: Airplanes
    Wingspan: 27.3" (694mm)
    Overall Length: 18.2" (462mm)
    Flying Weight: 3.7oz (105g)
    Motor Size: 180 brushless
    Radio: Included
    Servos: Included
    Prop Size: 5 x 2.75
    Wing Area: 114.5 sq in (738.8 sq cm)
    Speed Control: Included
    Recommended Battery: 7.4V 280mAh 2S
    Landing Gear: Yes
    CG (center of gravity): 1.1-1.4 in. (29-35mm) back from the leading edge

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