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Moa 1500mm PNP w/Reflex V2

Moa 1500mm PNP w/Reflex V2

Moa 1500mm PNP w/Reflex V2

FMS FMS071P-REFV2 Airplane PNP
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  • Moa 1500mm PNP w/Reflex V2


    As the newest addition to the FMS line, with a wingspan of 1500mm, this mid-sized glider is ideal for both beginning and advanced fliers. This plane comes with four installed servos, a 20 Amp ESC, and a brushless motor. The gentle flying characteristics, from low to high speeds, and the added advantage of a landing wheel, to help protect the foam, makes it a perfect choice for everyone. Simple construction makes assembly quick and easy, so you can get flying faster!


    • 1700kV motor to pull the glider to altitude for gliding
    • Folding prop
    • Simple build process
    • Inlet and exit air holes for proper cooling
    • Spars and EPO foam construction provide the perfect balance between strength and flexibility
    • Outrunner motor, servos, and ESC come pre-installed for your convenience
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