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Zero Select Scale RxR

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  • Zero Select Scale RxR

    This is the electric powered, radio controlled, Tx-R Prime
    Select Scale A6M2 Zero from Flyzone.
    This is the Rx-R (Receiver Ready) version that requires receiver,
    battery and charger.
    Includes motor, ESC and servos.


    Construction: AeroCell foam
    Wing: One piece, with ailerons and flaps
    Aileron Control: Dual servo
    Motor: 1000kV brushless 77g outrunner
    ESC: 40A
    Landing Gear: Electric retractable, 2" (51mm) diameter main wheels
    prebent tail torque rod with 0.75" (19mm) diameter steerable tail
    Bomb: AeroCell foam
    To release the bomb remotely, a 7-channel transmitter and receiver
    will be required. Or, the flap servo may be disconnected from the
    receiver, making a vacant channel available for the bomb release.
    This method disables the flaps. Or, the flap and bomb servos may be
    Propeller: 10x6 three blade
    Spinner: Plastic 2" (51mm) diameter, black in color
    Warranty: FlyZone guarantees this kit to be free from defects in both
    material and workmanship at the date of purchase. This warranty
    does not cover any component parts damaged by use or modification.


    Tx-R Prime Select Scale Zero with Motor, ESC, Servos
    Propeller, Spinner, Bomb & Bomb Drop Mechanism, Pilot Figure
    Navigation Lights and Instruction Manual


    Transmitter: 7+ channel SLT, receiver, or AnyLink 2 and compatible
    transmitter (at least 6-ch if bomb release will not be used)
    Y-Harness: To operate flaps and release bomb if using 6-ch TX
    Battery: 3S-4S 30C LiPo at least 2200mAh
    Battery Charger: To match selected battery
    LiPo charging bag, field equipment


    Wingspan: 45" (1145mm)
    Wing Area: 307 sq in (19.8 sq dm)
    Wing Loading: 17-19 oz sq/ft (52-58 g sq/dm)
    Length: 37" (940mm)
    Center of Gravity (CG): 2-3/4" (70mm) back from leading edge of wing
    at fuselage
    Control Throws- Low Rate High Rate
    Ailerons, up & down: 1/4" (6mm) 9° 3/8" (10mm) 14°
    Elevator, up % down: 3/8" (10mm) 12° 1/2" (13mm) 15°
    Rudder, left & right: 1/2" (13mm) 10° 3/4" (19mm) 15°
    Flaps: 1/2 flap 3/8" (10mm) 15° full flap 7/8" (22mm) 35°


    The propeller is not listed, nor is it available as a replacement
    part. However you can use TOWA6103 as a suitable replacement prop.

    Replacement Retract servo: Futaba S3102 (FUTM0034) jxs 09/04/14

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