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Fling Hand Launch Sailplane ARF

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Fling Hand Launch Sailplane ARF

Great Planes GPMA1060 Airplane Electric ARF
Preorder ETA: 11/09/2018

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  • Fling Hand Launch Sailplane ARF

    This is the Radio Controlled, Balsa and Plywood
    Great Planes Fling Almost Ready-to-Fly Sailplane.
    For Beginner to Intermediate Fliers.
    Pilots 14 years of age and older.


    Construction: Fiberglass fuselage pod, carbon fiber boom, balsa tail
    and wing
    Wings: Built-up one-piece, pre-covered, attaches to fuselage with
    rubber bands
    Canopy: Molded fiberglass
    Covering: Pre-applied transparent purple on wing and tail section
    Radio Compartment: Easily accessible under the canopy with pre-
    installed servo tray
    Launching system: Mini Hi-Start launching system
    Hardware: Rubber bands, TE support, control horns, pushrod strings
    Building Time: Flight ready in 2-3 hours
    Warranty: Great Planes Model Manufacturing Company guarantees this
    kit free from defects in both materials and workmanship at
    the date of purchase.


    Pre-built wing, fuselage, and tail section, Hi-Start launch, rubber
    bands, pushrod strings, decal sheet and photo-illustrated


    Radio: 2 channel with micro receiver
    Servos: 2 micro or nano size (1-elevator, 1-rudder)
    Receiver Battery: Micro NiMH or NiCd recommended, we no longer carry
    a NiMH or NiCd battery that will fit this application
    Misc. Items: Building and field equipment


    Wingspan: 48.75" (1238mm)
    Wing Area: 285 sq in (18.45 sq dm)
    Weight: 6.5-8oz (185-225g)
    Wing Loading: 4-4.5 oz/sq ft (11-13 g/sq dm)
    Length: 31.5" (800mm)
    Airfoil: Flat bottom, high wing
    Dihedral: 5-1/2" (140mm)
    Center of Gravity: 2¾" (70mm) Back from the wing's leading edge
    at the fuselage sides.
    Control Throws-
    Elevator: Up & Down between 7/16" (11mm) and 9/16" (14mm)
    Rudder: Right & Left between 11/16" (17mm) and 13/16" (20mm)

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