Dynaflite Bird Of Time Sailplane Kit

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Dynaflite Bird Of Time Sailplane Kit

Great Planes GPMA0570 Airplane Electric Kit
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  • Dynaflite Bird Of Time Sailplane Kit

    This is the Bird Of Time Ulimited Class 3-Meter Sailplane from Dynaflite.
    This kit is for experienced model builders/fliers. Flier should have built and
    flown at least two other sailplanes before he attempts to build and fly this
    model due to its complexity.


    Elegant and Graceful in Flight
    Re-Engineered for Lighter Weight and Easier Building
    3-Meter Split Wing Transports Easily
    All-Balsa Structure with Full-Sheeted Leading Edge
    Full Moving Stabilizer with Internal Control Linkages


    All Wood to build the kit, Hardware Package, Pushrods, 2-piece Wing
    Joiner Tubes and Rod, Illustrated Instructions, Full-Sized Plans.


    Radio: 2-3 Ch, w/2-3 Micro or Mini Servos (#3 for spoiler, see notes)
    Covering: Three Plus 6-Foot Rolls
    Standard High-Start or other Launching System
    Misc. Items: ¼" Foam Rubber and Building Equipment


    Wingspan: 118" (3000mm)
    Wing Area: 1070" (69 sq dm)
    Wing Loading: 5.5 oz/sq ft (17g/sq dm)
    Weight: 41oz (1160g)
    Fuselage Length: 49 in (1245g)
    Airfoil: Flat-bottom Polyhedral-Wing
    Engine Down Thrust:
    Engine Right Thrust:
    Wing Incidence: +2°
    Stab incidence: Has flying stab


    The optional 3rd channel is for spoilers; however, as this is
    an advanced level glider, Dynaflite does not instruct the builder
    on how to engineer his spoilers. The builder will need to fabricate
    the spoilers in the manner the modeler prefers.
    Decals are not included in this kit. amc 10/15/98
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