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Pitts Model 12 (Yellow) PNP

Pitts Model 12 (Yellow) PNP

Dynam DY8947P-YELLOW Airplane Electric PNP/RxR
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  • Pitts Model 12 (Yellow) PNP

    The Pitts Model 12 is one of the most recognizable aerobatic planes of recent times. Seen at airshows where it does what is seems an airplane can't, the plane has amazing control characteristics. The design team at Dynam have captured this wonderful biplane and stretched the fuselage, to improve on pitch damping and optimize flight performance without losing the classic lines of this incredible aircraft. The span is a compact yet respectable 1067mm and with the clever use of EPO foam, carbon and phenolic composites, the resulting aircraft is incredibly lightweight and rigid. A 4S LiPo is the battery of choice and paired to this is the perfect balance of oversized brushless motor and ESC giving a potent punch of pace and performance that we haven’t seen in a model of this size. Featuring a fabulous showroom finish using quality paint and decals, this bold scale scheme and contrasting colors will stand out in flight and take centre stage on the deck. The aircraft devours snaps, gyroscopic tumbles, flat spins, and prop hang climb outs, and gives ample grace and poise in slow, point and ratchet rolls that will have all levels of pilots grinning from ear to ear. Assembly is not bad at about 2 hours.


    Wingspan: 1067mm (42in)
    Overall Length: 1130mm (44.5in)
    Wing loading: 43g/dm2
    Servo: 9g x 2pcs, 17g x 2pcs
    Battery: 14.8V 2200mAh 25C Li-Po
    ESC: 50A Brushless with XT60 Connectors
    Motor: BM3720A-KV650 Brushless Outrunner
    Flying Weight: 1300g (45.9oz

    You Will Need

    5 channel radio system with RX
    2200Mah 4 cell Lipo battery with XT60 Connector
    LiPo charger with XT60 charge lead or FUSEP36 connector

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