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U-Can-Do 3D .60 ARF

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U-Can-Do 3D .60 ARF

Great Planes GPMA1270 Airplane Nitro/Gas ARF
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  • U-Can-Do 3D .60 ARF

    This is the Radio Controlled, Glow Powered, Almost Ready-to-Fly,
    Great Planes U-Can-Do 3D .60 Aerobatic Airplane.
    Slow flight characteristics suitable for first time low wing pilots.
    Increase control throws to 3D levels for thrilling aerobatic performance.
    For Intermediate to Advanced Modeler/Fliers.


    Construction: Balsa and plywood.
    Wings: One-piece all wood, attaches to fuselage with two ¼-20 nylon
    wing bolts (included). Fully symmetrical, mid-wing placement.
    Covering: Factory applied Top Flite MonoKote. Color scheme is White
    with swirls of Red, and Light and Dark Blue on the wing and tail
    sections. Bottom of wing is large Red and White checkerboard
    Cowling: Pre-painted White fiberglass-reinforced cowl and wheel
    Canopy: Single, clear plastic.
    Landing Gear: .12" (3mm) thick pre-formed aluminum.
    Dual Aileron Servos: Standard size with at least 50 oz-in torque.
    Building Time: Ready to fly in as few as six to eight hours.
    Warranty Period: Great Planes warrants this kit free from defects
    in both material and workmanship at date of purchase.
    This warranty does not cover any component parts damaged by use or


    Pre-built and covered wings, fuselage and tail assemblies, pushrods,
    pre-bent .12" (3mm) main landing gear, .08" (2mm) tailwheel
    wire, 3" (76mm) main wheels, 1.25" (31mm) tailwheel, nylon
    adjustable engine mount, 14.2oz (420cc) fuel tank, 2¼" (57mm)
    Red spinner, plywood servo trays, hardware package, decals, and
    photo-illustrated instructions.


    Engine: .61 -.91 (10-15cc) (2-stroke)
    OR .70 -.91 (11.5-15cc)(4-stroke)

    NOTE: For maximum 3D aerobatic performance, choose an engine in the
    upper power range.

    Muffler: Stock type supplied with engine. Engine mounts in inverted
    Radio: Four channel minimum, Six channel computerized radio
    recommended for maximum flexibility and performance.
    Servos: Standard size 2 ball bearing-Aileron, 2 ball bearing-Elevator
    1 high torque-Rudder, 1 standard-Throttle.
    Servo Extensions: Two 6" (152mm) for ailerons unless using a 20"
    24" Extensions: One for rudder and two 24" for elevator
    Y-Harness: One, for aileron servos, unless using computer radio.
    Servo reversing Y-harness for elevator servos unless using comp radio
    Misc. Items: Glow plug, ¼" foam rubber padding, medium fuel tubing,
    fuel filter, propeller, building and field equipment.


    Wingspan: 65" (1651mm)
    Wing Area: 1072 sq in (69 sq dm)
    Weight: 7-7.3lb (3175-3345g)
    Wing Loading: 15-15.9 oz/sq ft (46-48 g/sq dm)
    Length: 69.5" (1765mm)
    Airfoil: Fully-symmetrical mid-wing
    Wing: 0°
    Stab: 0°
    Engine: 1.5° down, 1° right

    Center of Gravity: 4-7/8" (124mm) Back from the wing's leading edge
    Control Throws (3D) -
    Elevator: Up & Down 3" (75mm)
    Rudder: Right to Left 4" (102mm)
    Ailerons: Up & Down 2-1/8" (55mm)
    Flaperons: Up & Down 2" (51mm) assigned to a switch,
    not mixed to the elevator
    Expo for 3D Rates-no mixing other than expo:
    Elevators: -20%
    Rudder: -20%
    Ailerons: -20%


    A 2¼" nylon spinner is included, but the larger engines require
    extensive trimming of the spinner. If the stock spinner must be
    trimmed, it is strongly suggested to use an aluminum spinner and
    lock nut such as TRUQ1065 and TRUQ3063.

    If a replacement fuel tank is needed, order the Sullivan 14oz
    tank (SULQ1742), or the DuBro 14oz tank (DUBQ0214).
    Some minor trimming and modifications may be required.

    The U-Can-Do 3D is covered with the following MonoKote colors:
    Jet White (TOPQ0204) True Red (TOPQ0227)
    Sky Blue (TOPQ0206) Sapphire Blue (TOPQ0226)
    Black (TOPQ0208

    tank info updated tjt 031105
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