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Hi-Voltage Ultra-Torque HS-7954SH: Universal

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Hi-Voltage Ultra-Torque HS-7954SH: Universal

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  • Hi-Voltage Ultra-Torque HS-7954SH: Universal

    The HS-7954SH could be considered the most economical high voltage, high torque, coreless servo on the market. Based on the ultra popular HS-7955TG has the added benefit of a high voltage coreless motor. With 403 inch-ounces of torque at 7.4 volts, the is fast too HS-7954SH with a 0.12 second transit time when operating on a 2 cell LiPo pack. The HS-7954SH harnesses all this power is by utilizing a heavy duty case that incorporates an aluminum heat sink, hardened steel gears, two strong steel gear pins nested in brass axial bushings. Put it all together and you get one tough high voltage servo at a price that can't be beat.

    Programable Features Include:
    - Dead Band Width 
    - Direction of Rotation 
    - Speed of Rotation (slower) 
    - End Points 
    - Neutral Points 
    - Fail Safe On/Off 
    - Fail Safe Point 
    - Resolution* (default is high resolution) 
    - Overload Protection* (default is off)

    *these features are only programable with the HFP-20 field programmer (HRC44430)


    • Li-Po cell compatible
    • Fully programmable digital technology
    • G2 Digital Circuit
    • HV Coreless Motor
    • Dual Ball Bearing Supported Output Shaft
    • Steel Gear Train (MK first gear)


    Type: Servo
    Length: 1.57 in (39.0mm)
    Width: 0.78 in (20.0mm)
    Bushing or Bearing: Bearing
    Voltage: 6.0-7.4V
    Connector Type: Universal
    Weight: 2.30 oz (64.0g)
    Bearing: Dual
    Deadband: Programmable
    Gear Type: Metal
    Height: 1.45 in (36.0mm)
    Motor Type: Coreless
    Size Category: Standard
    Speed: 0.15 sec/60 deg @ 6V; 0.12 sec/60 deg @ 7.4V
    Torque: 333 oz-in (24.0kg-cm) @ 6V; 403 oz-in (28.8kg-cm) @ 7.4V
    Type: Digital
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