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Retract Servo HS-75: Universal

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Retract Servo HS-75: Universal

Hitec RCD Inc. HRC31075S (HRCM1008) Servo Related
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  • Retract Servo HS-75: Universal

    With its low profile design, strong torque and precision movement, the HS-75BB is a great choice to move your retract gear in a realistic manner that you need. Note, this is a retract or “bang bang” servo and only travels from one end to the other (180 degrees). If you require a proportional servo this size, use the Hitec HS-77BB (HRC31077S).


    • Low Profile, Strong Torque, and Precision Movement
    • *** Note: This is a retract servo and only travels from one end to the other


    Type: Servo
    Length 1.73 in (44.0mm)
    Width: 0.90 in (23.0mm)
    Bushing or Bearing: Bearing
    Voltage: 4.8V to 6.0V
    Connector Type: Universal
    Application: Aircraft
    Weight: 1.23 oz (35.0g)
    Bearing: Single
    Current Draw Idle: 1mA @ 4.8V; 1.6mA @ 6.0V
    Deadband: 20µs
    Gear Type: Nylon
    Height: 0.98 in (25.0mm)
    Motor Type: 3 Pole
    Size Category: Specialty
    Speed: 0.45 sec/60 deg @ 4.8V; 0.34 sec/60 deg @ 6V, at no load
    Torque: 91.65 oz-in (6.6 kg-cm) @ 4.8V; 113.87 oz-in (8.2 kg-cm) @ 6V
    Type: Analog
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