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GAVIN-8C+SR86A transmitter set

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GAVIN-8C+SR86A transmitter set

Detrum DMT010 (DM38026) Aircraft Radio
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  • GAVIN-8C+SR86A transmitter set

    GAVIN-8C is a 2.4GHz 8-channel transmitter, applicable for airplane, helicopter and multi-copter use. Based on the GAVIN-6C, GAVIN-8C adds two channels and its response time achieves 2.6ms. Even with 8 channels it acts synchronously. Also, AA batteries, Ni-MH batteries and Li-Po batteries all can be used in this transmitter to satisfy more customer needs. Using DSSS&FHSS dual spread spectrum technology enhances the transmitter by increasing the anti-interference performance and transmission distance, and even can be controlled normally in city center - so do not worry about the strong interference from high voltage lines, signal towers, city WiFi, etc.

    SR86A is an 8-channel 2.4GHz receiver integrated with 6-axis gyro and suitable for normal wing, fly-wing, and V-tail airplanes. It provides four different flight modes: Gyro Off, Normal, Aerobatic, and Auto-Recovery (Auto Balance) and can be programmable from the matched transmitter.

    GAVIN-8C Transmitter
    - Applicable for airplane, helicopter and multi-copter.
    - 30 model memory.
    - Adopting 2.4GHz direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) and multiple frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology, the R/C system has high receiving sensitivity and strong anti-interference capability, can support a stable operating for more than 1km on the ground and more than 1.6km in the air.
    - Adopting wireless chips, with extended power amplifier (PA) and low noise amplifier (LNA) can extremely improve the system output power and receiving sensitivity.
    - Using all-band antenna on transmitter. The transmitting efficiency is greatly improved.
    - Can experience a smooth flight operation by using the 4096 section precision sticks and selecting four stick modes.
    - Achieving 2.6ms response time, even 8 channels it acts synchronously.
    - USB upgrade function always keeps your GAVIN-6C the latest program.
    - Support Fail Safe function, which could predefine the servo position by transmitter when receiver out of control.
    - Trainer function make a skilled instructor can teach a student with fly skills.
    - Can be used to set the programmable item of the flight controller for airplane.
    - AA, Ni-MH and Li-Po batteries all can be used for customer.

    SR86A Sport Receiver
    - Adopt 32-bit high-performance ARM core processor, 6-axis MEMS gyro chipset.
    - Original airplane attitude stabilization algorithm and control algorithm. Support normal wing, fly wing, V-tail airplanes and 3D planes.
    - Support four flight modes: Gyro off, Normal, Aerobatic and Auto-Recovery (Auto Balance).
    - Set the gain and other programmable items with matched transmitter.
    - Adopt 2.4GHz direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) and multiple frequency-hopping (FHSS) technologies, having high receiving sensitivity and strong anti-interference.
    - Diversity antenna, combined with the signal detection and switching algorithm, guarantees the stable and reliable receiving signal.
    - Each ID code of transmitter can be stored in receiver and no further binding after restarting the receiver.
    - The receiver will move the servos to predefined position when the aircraft flies out of range and cannot receive a valid RF signal from transmitter.


    Channel: 8-channel
    Transmitting Frequency: 2.4GHz
    Power Supply: AA batteries 4*1.5V, Ni-MH batteries 4*1.2V, 2S Li-Po
    Consuming Current: less than or equal to 120mA (test mode); less than or equal to 230mA (operating mode)
    Output Power: 10mW (test mode); 100mW (operating mode)
    Output Pulse: 1000ms~2000ms (neutral 1500ms)

    SR86A Sport Receiver
    Channel: 8-channel
    Sensor: 6-axis gyro
    Sensitivity: -97dBm
    Output: PWM (71Hz)
    Transmission Range: more than 1km on the ground, more than 1.6km in the air
    Input Voltage: 3.6V~16V
    Size: 51mm*28.4mm*14.5mm
    Weight: 15g
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