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VR6007 Voltage Regulator 7.5A, 6V

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VR6007 Voltage Regulator 7.5A, 6V

Spektrum SPMVR6007 Radio Accessory
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  • VR6007 Voltage Regulator 7.5A, 6V

    The VR6007 is designed for giant scale aircraft to regulate voltage to 6 volts (up to 7.5 continuous). The addition of the soft switch allows the unit to be turned off without effecting amp draw. For high current needs the VR6007 comes with 16 AWS leads with EC3 connectors. Spektrum's VR6007 model has factory matched voltage outputs, connecting two of them through a single receiver will evenly draw from both batteries.

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    • 6.0 voltage output - Safe voltage for most servos on the market
    • Capable of handling 7.5 amp continuous current Amp - capability for giant scale aircraft
    • Factory matched voltage output - Allows dual batteries and regulators in giant scale aircraft to be drawn from evenly
    • Includes cooling fan - allows for reliable amp draw capability
    • 16 AWG leads with EC3 connectors – Handles high current draw
    • Soft switch - Allows the regulator to be turned off with a soft switch without affecting amp draw capability while on, and offers fail-on safety


    Type: Charger
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