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Conscendo Advanced 1.5m PNP

Conscendo Advanced 1.5m PNP

ParkZone PKZ8175 Airplane Electric PNP/RxR
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  • Conscendo Advanced 1.5m PNP

    Enjoy air time anytime from parks to wide open mountain slopes and everywhere in between. The sleek airframe of the ParkZone Conscendo Advanced 1.5m sport glider cuts through the air with a high level of efficiency. The simple configuration without landing gear keeps weight and drag to a minimum while a generous amount of wing area delivers high lift potential and low touch-down speeds. The plug-in wing captures a strong carbon-fiber joiner tube and its two-piece design makes assembly fast and storage compact. The upgraded brushless power system is a potent package aimed at providing fast climbs and long flight times with a 3S LiPo battery. After a quick and easy hand launch you can climb to altitude quickly where you can bring the throttle down, watch the propeller fold away and catch thermal updrafts. Or you can keep the power on and utilize four-channel control to take this model beyond the glider experience with surprisingly crisp sport aerobatic performance.

    Brushless Power System
    The power system features an efficient 370-size brushless outrunner and a 30-amp ESC that when combined with your 1300mAh 3S 20C Li-Po battery delivers outstanding thrust.

    Folding Propeller
    The ESC brake function automatically folds the propeller to increase glide performance and landing safety.

    Durable Construction
    Construction with durable EPO foam makes it possible to replicate complex shapes in a lightweight form with precision. The fuselage in particular features carbon and composite reinforcement that allows the Conscendo Advanced to endure belly landings and prolonged dives. The result is an easy to maintain appearance that allows the most satisfying flight experience possible to shine through.

    Fast Assembly
    Out of the box, final attachment of the horizontal stabilizer and carbon tube reinforced, two-piece wing is simple. Each wing panel features a dedicated aileron servo for hassle-free control that’s precise.

    Sport Performance with a Soaring Edge
    The Conscendo Advanced 1.5m is unique because its 4-channel control gives it the ability to perform like a sport model with advanced aerobatic maneuverability. But its aerodynamics also make it a capable glider that’s ideal for soaring, and a great choice as a second airplane for new pilots.

    Plug-N-Play® Finish
    The Plug-N-Play completion level means that the ideal electric motor system and servos you need to enjoy the full potential of the Conscendo Advanced are already installed. All you have to do is perform the final glue-free assembly, and connect your favorite full-range, 4+ channel radio system. In fact, most pilots can have this model flight-ready in the time it takes to install a receiver and charge a battery.


    • A powered glider with sport aerobatic performance
    • Assembles in minutes
    • Long Flights with Combined Soaring and Sport Flying
    • Lightweight, reinforced EPO foam construction
    • Simple 4-channel control with four micro servos installed
    • Two-piece, plug-in wings
    • Potent 370-size brushless motor and 30A ESC installed
    • Folding propeller for an enhanced soaring experience
    • Large, easy-access battery hatch
    • Ideal for use with 1300mAh 3S 11.1V 20C LiPo packs

    You Will Need

    Full-range, 4+ channel transmitter and receiver
    1250–1350mAh 3S 11.1V 20C LiPo flight battery
    3S compatible LiPo charger


    Type: Airplanes
    Wingspan 59.0 in (1500mm)
    Overall Length: 39.6 in (1005mm)
    Flying Weight: 22.9 Oz (650 grams)
    Motor Size: 370 1100kV Brushless outrunner
    Recommended Battery: 1300 3 cell Li-po (sold separately)
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