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J-3 Cub BL PNP

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J-3 Cub BL PNP

ParkZone PKZ4575 Airplane (Discontinued)

This item is discontinued but parts are still available in the Parts List below.
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  • J-3 Cub BL PNP

    ParkZone combined the classic lines and gentle flying manners of its legendary J-3 Cub to give you a superb park flying experience. This J-3 Cub comes with a brushless motor for more power and even better performance. And getting it airborne is still as simple as it gets. Just attach the wing, attach the landing gear, charge the battery, install your favorite transmitter and receiver, and you’re flying.

    The brushless motor provides plenty of power with more efficiency. Experienced model builders will love the J-3 Cub’s brushless ESC and 3-wire servos that can be used in other brushless 400-powered park flyers. That includes V-tail and delta wing applications thanks to servo-reversing features.

    The J-3 Cub is a real joy to fly. Carve lazy eights at half throttle. Shoot tabletop touch-and-go’s. Perform simple aerobatics like loops and tail slides.

    Perfect for experienced pilots looking for brushless 3-channel fun without a lot of building.



    • Plug-N-Play® version for optimal customization
    • 370 outrunner brushless power system provides plenty of efficient power
    • Scale design for a great look right out of the box
    • Readily available replacement parts keeps your J-3 in the air without a large expense
    • E-flite® 10-amp electronic speed control
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