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Typhoon 2 3D RTF Electric

  • Typhoon 2 3D RTF Electric

    ParkZone’s Charge-and-Fly™ Typhoon™ 2 3D is for experienced RC pilots who want the thrills of unlimited action in an electric park flyer without the hassles of building one. Equipped with oversized control surfaces and a powerful ParkZone™ BL400-15T brushless motor and digital metal gear servos, it can perform the most aggressive 3D maneuvers imaginable with laser precision and power to spare. Hovers, harriers, torque-rolls, waterfalls—the Typhoon 2 does them all. The removable side force generators can be attached with just eight screws. And because the wings and fuselage are molded from ParkZone’s super-strong, feather-light Z-foam™ material, it can handle the punishment of these high-energy 3D aerobatics without getting bent out of shape.

    Getting the Typhoon 2 airborne is about as simple as it gets. Everything you need is in this box. Just attach the wing, tail and landing gear, charge up the included Li-Po battery pack and in as little as 40 minutes, you’re flying. Once in the air you can choose between Low and High Rate with a flip of the transmitter switch.


    • Ready-to-fly 3D performance right from the box
    • Reusable ZX10 72MHz radio system including digital, metal gear 3-wire servos for precise control and fast response
    • 3-cell 1800mAh Li-Po battery included with variable rate balancing charger
    • BL400-15T gear-reduced, brushless motor with E-flite® 30-amp Pro Brushless ESC
    • Dual metal gear, digital aileron servos
    • Optional Side Force Generators™ included for improved stability and response in knife-edge fight
    • Large control surfaces for maximum 3D performance
    • Dual flight modes (High and Low Rate)
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    First plane in five years






    I haven't flown in some time now. Five years to be more exact. I don't like the hassle of gas engines anymore and finding the time to build is getting harder raising a 8 yr old daughter. I wanted power - boy, does this plane have it! I spent a good hour converting the supplied radio over to mode 1 cause the dual rate switch doesn't change the throttle so simply switching the elevator/throttle at the receiver and changing the gimbal centering spring wasn't enough. You have to switch the potentiometers. After doing so you will have to reverse the elevator and throttle switches on the transmitter.
    My first flight went very well with little trimming. Pretty much a straight up take off with no torque roll. I was pleasantly shocked. Only thing I miss about gas airplanes is the noise.
    I look forward to trying some 3D flying once the tails and rudders aren't out of inventory.

    Aircraft Mechanic - LaPorte, Indiana
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