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ZAP 5 Min Z-Poxy, 8 oz

ZAP 5 Min Z-Poxy, 8 oz

ZAP 5 Min Z-Poxy, 8 oz

Pacer Glue PAAPT38 Adhesives
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  • ZAP 5 Min Z-Poxy, 8 oz


    EPOXY GLUE 5-MINUTE Contains one 4 oz. Bottle of Resin & one 4 oz.Bottle of Hardener This product retains all of the physical strengthsof epoxy adhesives while offering the added advantage of quick settingeven in thin films at low temperatures. It will bond wood and nearlyall other types of materials, including concrete. It achieves itsterrific strength as a result of a chemical reaction when mixed withthe Hardening agent. Non-shrinking

    Clear, equal-mix. Cures in 5 minutes. Vibration resistant formula. Durable, sandable. Excellent for furniture.

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