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120AX Ring 70D Carb E5020 Muffler

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120AX Ring 70D Carb E5020 Muffler

O.S. Engines OSMG0650 Airplane Engine Nitro
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  • 120AX Ring 70D Carb E5020 Muffler

    This is the O.S. Max Two-Stroke 1.20AX Ringed Engine with Muffler.


    Model Application: Ideal for 3D, Precision and Sport flying
    Mounting Application: Mounts in same space as the .91FX (actual
    mounting dimensions vary slightly, see SPECS)
    Internal Construction: Steel piston ring and liner, aluminum piston
    Muffler: E-5020 "Power Box" with extension and 90° adapters
    Carburetor: 70D with rearward angled needle valve for safety
    Glowplug: O.S. #8 supplied with engine, A5 (OSMG2693) will also work
    Warranty: Two-year limited


    O.S. Max Two-Stroke 1.20AX Ringed Engine with E-5020 Power Box
    Muffler, #8 glow plug, muffler adapter, prop washer and lock nut,
    needle valve extension cable,instruction manual and decal sheet,
    two muffler screws, two muffler extension bolts, two long muffler


    Fuel: Two-Stroke with 18% lubricant and 5-20% nitromethane
    Propeller: 15x10-12 or 16x8-10
    Field Equipment: Glow starter, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel tubing


    Displacement: 1.218 cu in (19.96cc)
    Bore: 1.197" (30.4mm)
    Stroke: 1.083" (27.5mm)
    Practical RPM: 1,800 - 9,500 RPM
    Power Output: 3.1 PS, 3.06HP/9000 RPM
    Weight of engine: 29.0oz (823g) with muffler
    Weight of muffler: 7.074oz (219.2g) with 90° adapter installed
    Weight of muffler: 7.907oz (245g) with extension installed
    Crankshaft thread size: 5/16-24
    Distance Between Mounting Holes Same Side: 0.98" (25mm)
    Distance Between Mounting Holes Opposite Side: 2.3" (58mm)
    Distance Center of Crankcase to End of Crankshaft: 4.3" (109.5mm)
    Distance Center of Crankcase to Drive Hub: 2.7" (69.8mm)
    Width Between Mounting Tabs: 2.6" (67mm)
    Width of Crankcase Below Mounting Tabs: 1.8" (46.5)
    Length from Backplate to End of Crankshaft: 5.5" (139.9mm)
    Length from Backplate to Drive Hub: 3.9" (100.2mm)
    Height/Bottom of Crankcase to Top of Cylinder Head: 4.3" (109.2mm)
    Height/Bottom of Mounting Tabs/Top of Cylinder Head: 3.4" (85.7mm)
    Distance center to center of muffler mounting holes: 48mm (1.89")

    Needle Settings: High Speed: 2 - 2.5 turns out from fully closed
    Low Speed: 3/4 turn out from fully closed with the
    throttle fully closed


    For version without muffler, order OSMG0651. The version without the
    muffler does not include the muffler extension or the 90° adapter.
    At this time one would not be able to use the muffler extension and
    90° adapter at the same time. The long muffler bolts are too long.

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