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Sportsman S+ BNF (Gen 2)

Sportsman S+ BNF (Gen 2)

Sportsman S+ BNF (Gen 2)

HobbyZone HBZ8980 Airplane (Discontinued) BNF
This item is discontinued but parts are still available in the Parts List below.
  • Sportsman S+ BNF (Gen 2)

    Designed to be as intuitive as possible, the HobbyZone® Sportsman® S+ comes with Horizon Hobby's exclusive SAFE® Plus technology that provides the same kind of self-leveling stability and GPS guidance used in advanced camera drones that cost $1,000 or more. It also features the freedom of four-channel control and a powerful brushless motor. If you're a little skittish about landings, it has a helpful AutoLand function that uses GPS guidance to put the aircraft on a stabilized landing approach so you can enjoy landing success on your very first flight.

    Features Included with the HobbyZone Sportsman S+

    AutoLand- When activated, the aircraft will initiate a stabilized landing pattern and approach, aiming at a touchdown point near where it took off. During this approach, you can make adjustments to the flight path to avoid obstacles and assist with as much of the landing as you want. As your skills progress and you gain more confidence, you can take over more of the control inputs, eventually learning to land without any assistance from the automated system at all.

    Virtual Fence- Using GPS information, the model's SAFE Plus system will create an invisible boundary that keeps the aircraft from flying too far away. When the aircraft reaches this boundary, it will automatically reverse course and fly back in the general direction of the takeoff point. Immediately after it completes the course reversal, it will waggle the wings to indicate you once again have control.

    Holding Pattern- This handy SAFE Plus feature lets you essentially "pause" a flight by putting the aircraft in a GPS-guided holding pattern. When activated, the model will automatically return to a point near its takeoff location and circle at an altitude of approximately 120 feet until you resume control. It's a great way to safely hand the controls to friend or regain visual contact if you ever lose sight of the model.

    Flight Envelope Protection- As with other SAFE-equipped models, the Sportsman S+ trainer gives you progressive flight modes with varying levels of envelope protection and stability. These allow you to advance at your own pace with fewer mishaps and more successes.

    Beginner Mode: Limited Pitch and bank angles. Panic Recovery Mode activates when sticks are released, returning the aircraft to level flight.

    Intermediate Mode: More freedom in pitch and bank. Panic Recovery Mode automatically returns the aircraft to level flight when the aircraft descends below 30 feet above ground level and the sticks are released.

    Experienced Mode: No pitch and roll limits or Panic Recovery Mode. You are in total control. Panic Recovery Mode can be activated by switching to Beginner Mode and releasing the sticks.

    AS3X® Technology- In addition to the advantages of SAFE Plus technology, you also get the locked-in feeling of AS3X technology that works behind the scenes to smooth out the effects of wind gusts and turbulence so the airplane tracks beautifully in every flight mode, at any speed.

    Powerful, Efficient Brushless Motor- The model is equipped with a brushless motor that is quieter, more powerful and will last longer than a conventional brushed motor with a gear box. It's also very efficient, so you can enjoy more flying time per charge.

    Optional Rough-Field Landing Gear Included- In addition to the standard landing gear with wheel pants, optional rough-field landing gear with larger wheels is included. The rough-field gear is perfect for operating off grass, dirt and other surfaces that might be too rugged for the standard landing gear.

    Easy to Calibrate- Because SAFE Plus technology makes extensive use of GPS and compass data, periodic calibration of these sensors is required. Don't worry. The HobbyZone development team has made the calibration procedure super-simple too. The entire process takes no more than a minute or two and doesn't require any special tools or experience.


    • GPS-enabled, SAFE® Plus technology
    • Automated Landing Approach function that assists new pilots with landings
    • Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced flight modes let you learn at your own pace
    • Panic Recovery that instantly returns the plane to level when needed
    • Holding Pattern function that lets you "pause" the flight as needed
    • Virtual Fence that prevents the model from flying too far away
    • HD Camera ready with an E-flite® EFC-721 camera mount included
    • 4-Channel control - throttle, rudder, elevator, and aileron
    • 1300mAh 3S 11.1V Li-Po battery for long flight times on a single charge
    • Impact-resistant, durable Z-Foam construction
    • Includes standard landing gear with wheel pants for smooth surfaces and rough-field landing gear for operating off grass and other surfaces

    You Will Need

    Requires a 5+ channel DSMX®/DSM2® transmitter, sold separately



    54.6 in (1390mm)
    Overall Length:
    35.75 in (908mm)
    Flying Weight:
    33.5 oz (950 g)
    Motor Size:
    480 brushless
    Requires a 5+ channel DSMX/DSM2 transmitter
    Prop Size:
    9 x 6
    Recommended Environment:
    DC powered 3S balancing with AC adapter
    Speed Control:
    18A (installed)
    Assembly Time:
    Less than 1 Hour
    Experience Level:
    Is Assembly Required:
    Landing Gear
    Standard and Rough field landing gear included
    Trim Scheme Colors:
    White with red and silver

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