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Goldberg Tiger 2 .40-.46 Kit

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Goldberg Tiger 2 .40-.46 Kit

Great Planes GPMA0966 Airplane Nitro/Gas Kit
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  • Goldberg Tiger 2 .40-.46 Kit

    This is a radio controlled, glow powered, balsa and plywood
    Carl Goldberg Tiger 2 .40 sport scale aerobatic airplane kit.
    For beginner to intermediate modeler/fliers.


    All Carl Goldberg kits include fuselage alignment devices and most
    feature highly-refined interlocking lite ply contruction methods.
    Wings: One piece covered balsa and plywood construction.
    Radio compartment: Large built in balsa and ply radio tray.
    Landing gear: Wire main and nose
    Hardware: Complete hardware included
    Motor Mount: Included adjustable engine mount
    Warranty: Carl Goldgerg Products guarantees this kit defect-free
    in both materials and workmanship at the date of purchase.


    All wood to construct airplane, pushrods, prebent wire aluminum main
    landing gear, prebent nose wire, adjustable engine mount, horns,
    decals, photo-illustrated instructions, full-size rolled plans.


    Engine: .35-.45 cu in (5.7-7.4 cc) 2-stroke
    OR .40-.50 cu in (6.5-8.2 cc) 4-stroke
    Radio: 4-channel miniumum required
    Servos: 4-standard servos
    (1-ailerons, 1-elevator, 1-rudder, 1-throttle)
    Covering: Two 6-foot rolls of covering.
    Misc. Items: Three 2¼" wheels, 2¼" spinner, 6-8oz fuel tank,
    5/32" wheel collars, glow plug, ¼" foam rubber padding, 3' medium
    fuel tubing, fuel filter, propeller, building and field equipment.


    Wingspan: 61" (1549mm)
    Wing Area: 680 sq in (4387sq cm)
    Weight: 4.75 - 5.25lb
    Airfoil: Fully-symmetrical Low Wing
    Center of Gravity: 3½"-4-5/8" (88.9-117mm)
    back from the wing's leading edge at the fuselage sides.
    Control Throws- control throws for rudder, elevator, and ailerons
    are set off of included gauge in instruction manual.
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