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Goldberg Eagle 2 Trainer .29-.49 Kit

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Goldberg Eagle 2 Trainer .29-.49 Kit

Great Planes GPMA0955 Airplane Nitro/Gas Kit
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  • Goldberg Eagle 2 Trainer .29-.49 Kit

    This is the Eagle 2 Sport Trainer Airplane Kit from Goldberg.
    This kit is a good first airplane for beginners to build and fly.


    Balsa and Plywood Die-Cut Construction


    Steerable Nose Gear, Plastic Wing Tips, Main Landing Gear Wire,
    Plastic Canopy and Side Windows, Fiberglass Tape, Full-Sized Plans,
    Photo-Illustrated Instruction Manual, Misc. Hardware, Decals
    and All Wood to Construct the kit.


    Engine: .29-.45 (2-stroke) or .46-.50 (4-stroke)
    Radio: 3-4 Channel
    Covering: 2 rolls of 6 foot covering
    Misc. Items: 8oz Fuel Tank, Fuel Tubing, 2½" Treaded Wheels,
    one 2¼" wheel, 2¼" Nylon Spinner, Rubberbands, and various
    building and field equipment.


    Wingspan: 63"
    Wing Area: 715 sq in
    Wing Loading: 15.32 to 16.93 oz/sq ft
    Weight: 4.75 - 5.25lbs
    Fuselage Length: 49"
    Airfoil: Flat-Bottom High-Wing
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    Best Trainer Ever






    This was my first plane 25 years ago. I built it with a medium dihedral angle, and it flew beautifully from my first training flight to years later. I flew this plane so much that I had to re-cover it because of all the accumulated bumps and scrapes. This plane will not disappoint. I am ordering one now for my son to get started. A great first kit!

    Scout/Sniper - WA
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