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Spectra Electric Sailplane Kit

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Spectra Electric Sailplane Kit

Great Planes GPMA0540 Airplane Electric Kit
Out of Stock ETA: 11/09/2018

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  • Spectra Electric Sailplane Kit

    This is a Great Planes Spectra Electric Powered Sailplane.
    This is an Entry Level Electric Sailplane with Unmatched Climbing Ability.


    ElectriFly S-600 Motor Allows the Spectra to Soar from 0 to 500 feet
    in just 60 Seconds, motor available separately (GPMG0710).
    Triple-Taper Wing with a modified Selig 3010 Airfoil Provides Longer
    Soaring Time.
    Can be Built for Optional 3 Channel Throttle Control.


    All Wood to Build the Kit, ElectriFly S-600 Motor, Hardware Bag,
    8x4 Propeller, Motor Switch Harness, Photo-Illustrated Instructions
    and Full Size Rolled Plans.


    Wingspan: 78.5" (1995mm) Wing Area: 675 sq in (43.6 sq dm)
    Weight Range: 48oz (1360g) Wing Loading: 10.2oz/sq ft (31g/sq dm)
    Length: 41.5" (1055mm) Airfoil: Selig 3010 Polyhedral, High-Wing
    Aspect Ratio: 9.1/1 Thrust: 4° down, 0° right (eng)
    w/ stab & bott fuse @ wing 0, wing 2.5+


    Radio: 2-3 Channel (3rd channel is for optional throttle control)
    Battery: 6 or 7 Cell (7 cell is recommended) and charger
    Covering: Two to Three 6-Foot Rolls
    Misc. Items: One 1-3/4" Spinner, Foam Rubber, Rubber Bands,
    and Assorted Building and Field Equipment.


    Only one receiver is required depending on the channel of the
    radio selected (Low band Ch 11-35, High band Ch 36-60). Please note
    the Accessory Completion Guide lists both Low and High band
    receivers. Channel selection is left to the modelers preference.

    This kit can be built as a one-piece or two piece wing
    This kit is basically an electric powered Spirit Sailplane. The wings
    are identical so the spoilers can be incorporated into this
    kit's wing.
    Decal set SPECD01 available only through GP Manufacturing includes:
    One 11" x 1-1/2" rainbow striped Spectra logo
    Two 5-1/4" x 3/4" rainbow striped Spectra logos
    One 2-7/8" x 1/2" Red, Black & White Great Planes logo ir/jl
    Two 1-5/8" x 3/8" Red, Black & White Great Planes logos
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