Dynaflite Super Decathlon Giant Scale Kit

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Dynaflite Super Decathlon Giant Scale Kit

Great Planes GPMA0510 Airplane Nitro/Gas Kit
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  • Dynaflite Super Decathlon Giant Scale Kit

    Dynaflite's Super Decathlon is an Easy to Build and Fly, High-Wing Airplane.
    This is for the Intermediate Modeler Making a Good 3rd or 4th Kit.
    This Fun Scale Kit Is An Ideal Way To Get Into Building and Flying
    Large Aircraft Through Loops, Rolls and Spins.


    IMAA and IMAC Legal (see COMMENTS) with a 89" Wingspan
    Crisp Die-Cutting For The All-Wood Parts Ensure Good Fits and Fast
    Builds As Easily As Most .40 Size Sport Scale Kits, With A Mixture
    Of Sport-Scale and Giant-Scale Building Techniques.
    Three-Piece ABS Cowl and Wheel Pants Add Authentic Contours With
    Minimal Shaping Work.
    Lightweight and Able to Fly With A Wide Range Of Engines
    Two-Piece Wing Design Using An Aluminum Wing Tube
    Semi-Symmetrical Selig 8036 Airfoil That Supports Excellent
    Aerobatics As Easily As Stable Low-Speed Handling.
    A Servo Compartment Near the Tail For Use In Counterbalancing Heavy
    A 25cc Gasoline Engine Provides More Than Enough Power for Exciting
    An Authentically Shaped Built-Up Tail Section Made By Laminating
    Five Layers of 1/16" Balsa, Making It Strong But Light Weight.
    Fully functional, structural wing struts (req'd esp if cloth covered)


    All The Wood To Build The Kit, ABS Cowling and Wheel Pants, Hardware
    Package, Clear Windscreen, Pre-Formed 3/16" Aluminum Landing Gear,
    Full Sized Rolled Plans, Photo-Illustrated Instruction Manual,
    Paper/Aluminum Wing Tube, Nylon Strut Ends, Tailwheel Mounting


    Engine: 1.08-1.8 (2-stroke) or 1.20-1.60 (4-stroke) Glow Engine or
    1.5-2.1 cid (25cc-35cc) Gasoline Engine (Gas: see COMMENTS)
    Radio: 4+ Channel (see COMMENTS)
    Servos: 6 (5-High Torque 50 oz-in Plus, 1-Standard for Throttle)
    Servo Extension Wire (18"): 2 (2-Ailerons) (Kill Switch req'd for gas
    Y-Harness: 2 (1-Ailerons, 1-Elevator)
    Receiver Battery: 1000mAh
    Covering: approx. Five 6-Foot Rolls
    (Recommended Coverite 21st Century Fabric for Best Scale Appearance)
    Paint To Match Covering
    Misc. Items: 16 to 24oz Fuel Tank, Standard Fuel Tubing, 3¼" Main
    Wheels, 1½" Tailwheel, 1/8" & 5/32" Wheel Collars, 3/16" Axles,
    20 Giant Scale Hinges, ¼" Foam Rubber, 3" Spinner.
    *Alum spinner recommended with gas engines.


    Wingspan: 89" (2261mm) Wing Area: 1237 sq in (80 sq dm)
    Weight: 16-18lbs (7258-8165g) Wing Loading: 30-33 oz/sq ft
    Length: 69" (1753mm) Airfoil: Semi-Symmetrical High-Wing
    Center Of Gravity: 3-3/8" Back From Leading Edge Of The Wing
    Control Throws: High Rate Low Rate
    Ailerons: Up & Down 1¼" 5/8"
    Elevator: Up & Down 1½" 1"
    Rudder: Left & Right 1½" 1"
    Cowling: Length, Firewall To Front: 6-3/8"
    Height, Rear At Firewall: 7-7/8"
    Height At Front: 5-3/4"
    Width At Rear: 6-3/8"
    Width At Front: 6-1/8"
    Engine Down Thrust: 5°
    Engine Right Thrust: 2°
    Wing Incidence: -2°
    Stab Incidence: -3.5°


    In Order For This Kit To Be IMAA Legal, The Plane MUST Have:
    5 High Torque Servos (More Than 45 oz-in Torque) For Control
    Surfaces (Standard Servo For The Throttle), Heavy Duty Control
    Horns, and Heavy Duty Hinges.
    If Using a 25cc Gasoline Engine, Modeler Will Also Need To Use
    Two 24" Servo Extension Wires (Because the Rudder and Elevator
    Servos Will Be Mounted In The Tail Section). With This Engine
    You Will Also Need Approx. 6oz of Extra Tail Weight.
    For Gasoline Engine, Use Gas Fuel Tubing GPMQ4135 and Gas-Safe Tanks
    (GP big tanks are.) ALSO USE servo operated KILL SWITCH FOR SAFETY.
    There are no decals included with this kit JAL 4/1/99
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