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Ultimate Biplane .40 Size Kit

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Ultimate Biplane .40 Size Kit

Great Planes GPMA0240 Airplane Nitro/Gas Kit
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  • Ultimate Biplane .40 Size Kit

    The Great Planes Ultimate 40 Bipe is Capable of Outrageous Stunts, But Also
    Shows a Docile Side a Sport Pilot Can Enjoy.


    Constructed of die-cut balsa and plywood
    Plug-in struts and pre-bent aluminum cabanes
    Fully-symmetrical airfoil, removable wings
    ABS cowl and wheel pants are precision-formed for scale appearance


    Aluminum landing gear, clear canopy, ABS cowl and wheel pants,
    adjustable nylon engine mount, hardware package, rolled plans,
    instructions, and all balsa and plywood to build the kit.


    Wingspan: 43.375" Wing Area: 742 sq in Length: 47.75"
    Wing Loading: 17-20oz/sq ft Weight: 5.5-6.5lbs
    CG: 2-3/8" back on lower wing with model suspended inverted
    Throws: Elev 5/8" hi 7/16" low Rudder 1¼"
    Aileron ¼" hi 3/16" low


    4-channel radio with 4 servos
    .40-.46 (2-stroke) or .48-.70 (4-stroke) engine
    In-cowl muffler (not required, but strongly suggested)
    10oz fuel tank and fuel tubing
    2½" spinner
    2¼" main wheels and 1" tailwheel
    Building and starting equipment
    3 rolls of covering and paint (for cowl and wheel pants)


    DECALS: (1) ULT4D01 and (1) ULT4D02 are only available from Great
    Planes Manufacturing.
    ULT4D01--(2) 9" L x 3" H Red and Black Ultimate logo
    (2) 3" L x ¾" H White, Red and Black GREAT PLANES logo
    (2) ¾" L X ¾" H White, Red and Black GPAT logo
    (2) 3" L x 2¼" H White, Red and Black GPAT (Great Planes
    Aerobatic Team) logo.
    ULT4D02--(1) 18½" L x 6¼" H Black and White Ultimate logo
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