Extra 300S .60 Size Kit

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Extra 300S .60 Size Kit

Great Planes GPMA0236 Airplane Nitro/Gas Kit
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  • Extra 300S .60 Size Kit

    This is the Great Planes Extra 300S Aerobatic .60 size Sport-Scale Kit.
    The Lightness of the Airframe, Allows it to Virtually Leap Into the Air.
    Tracks Like It's Wire-Guide Whether Flying Straight and Level or With the
    Crisp Precision of Square Loops Snapping With Start and Stop Command.


    Simple D-tube wing construction and a Lock and tab fuselage
    Twin aileron servos, giving more control authority and simplifying
    Twin metal elevator pushrods for precision adjustment and rigidity.
    Option for twin elevator servos, simplifies radio set up, tightens
    linkages, and ensures enough servo power for the larger of the
    recommended engines.
    Balsa sheeted turtle deck requires little sanding to get true shape
    Large fuselage for easy radio installation, with enough room for a
    smoke system that would make an air show performer proud.
    Heavy Duty 2-piece ABS cowl and detailed instrument panel
    CAD generated plans and photo-illustrated instructions
    Duraluminum landing gear with strong, torsional mounting rails


    All wood to build the kit, pushrods, hardware package, ABS cowling,
    Butyrate canopy, photo illustrated instructions, CAD generated
    rolled plans, pre-formed Duraluminum main landing gear and ABS
    wheel pants.


    Engine: .61-.90 (2-stroke) or .91-1.20 (4-stroke)
    Radio: 4+ channel (twin ail & twin elev can use channels 5 & 6)
    Servos: 5-6 (6th servo is optional 2nd elevator servo)
    Two 12" servo extension wires (two for ailerons)
    Two Y-harnesses (one for ailerons and one for elevators)
    Two-rolls of main color covering and one-roll of trim color covering
    and matching paint.
    Misc. Items: fuel tubing, 12-14oz tank, propeller, ¼" foam rubber,
    1/16" wing seating tape, 2½" spinner, two 2¾" wheels,
    3/16" wheel collars, easy fueler, ¼ scale pilot, building and
    field equipment.


    Wingspan: 64"
    Wing Area: 744 sq in THROWS: hi low
    Weight: 7 - 7.5lb Ele 1¼" u/d ¾" up/dwn
    Wing loading: 21.7-23.25oz/sq ft Rud 2½" l/r 1½" l/r
    Fuselage length: 54.25" Ail 5/8" up/dwn ¼" up/dwn
    Fin area: 80.38 sq in
    Stabilizer area: 153.25" CG 4-1/8" fr LE @ root of wing
    Stabilizer span: 24.57" +/- 3/8"


    The fuselage plans are 75% Size instead of full size. The wing plans
    are full size.
    The replacement nylon adjustable engine mount is GPMG1091.
    Decal sheet EXT6D01 sold only through GP Manufacturing includes:
    Two 4½" x 1½" Red & Blue stars with "motion" stripes
    Two 4" x 7/8" Red, Black & White Great Planes logos
    Two 2" x 2-3/8" GP Aerobatic Team logos
    Two 1-3/8" x 7/8" Red, White & Blue American flags
    Two 1-1/8 x 11/16" Red, White & Blue American flags
    Two 5¼" x 11/16" White Extra 300S logos
    One 5-5/8" x 1¾" Black, Blue, Red & White instrument panel
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