Extra 300S .40 Size Kit

Extra 300S .40 Size Kit

Great Planes GPMA0235 Airplane Nitro/Gas Kit
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  • Extra 300S .40 Size Kit

    This is the Great Planes Extra 300S .40-size Aerobatic
    Sport Scale Airplane Kit.


    Constructed of balsa and plywood, with the entire fuselage
    consisting of interlocking, die-cut parts.
    Fully symmetrical wing has die-cut ribs with jig tabs on them to
    easily and accurately build in the correct dihedral and taper
    Large radio compartment allows quick access to the fuel tank area
    ABS cowl and wheel pants included for scale appearance and heavy duty
    aluminum landing gear for durability
    Highly aerobatic plane, performs any maneuver with "Extra" gusto


    Clear canopy, adjustable engine mount, hardware (pushrods, hinges,
    control horns, tailwheel bracket, misc. nuts and bolts), decals,
    full-size rolled plans, and photo-illustrated instructions.


    .40-.51 (2-stroke) or .48-.70 (4-stroke) engine
    Pitts-style muffler
    4-channel radio with four servos
    2½" main wheels and 1" tailwheel
    10oz fuel tank, fuel tubing, and fuel filter
    2¼" spinner
    Building and field equipment, 2 plus rolls of covering, and paint


    Wingspan: 58"
    Wing srea: 594 sq in
    Wing loading: 24oz/sq ft
    Weight: 5.75lbs
    Length: 48"
    CG: 4" back from the leading edge

    Control throws: High Rate Low Rate
    Elevator 5/16" up ¼" up
    3/8" down 5/16" down
    Rudder 2-1/8" right 1½" right
    2-1/8" left 1½" left
    Ailerons 3/8" UP ¼" UP
    3/8" DOWN ¼" DOWN


    Canopy: CANPY076 (GPMA2173)

    Decals: EXTR4D01-(1) instrument panel (only available from GPM)
    (4) Red, White and Blue American flag decals
    (2) 3" L x 1" H Black, White and Red GREAT PLANES logos
    (2) 3" L red EXTRA 300S logos
    (2) each 1" H Red numbers & letter-0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and N
    (2) 1½"L x 1½"H Red, White & Black Great Planes
    Aerobatic team logos
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