Super Sportster .60 Size Kit

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Super Sportster .60 Size Kit

Great Planes GPMA0210 Airplane Nitro/Gas Kit
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  • Super Sportster .60 Size Kit

    The Super Sportster 60 is Very Stable at Slow Speed, But Move the Center of
    Gravity Forward and Increase the Throttle, and It's Very Aerobatic! This
    Makes a Great Second or Third Kit After the Modeler has Safely Flown Low Wing
    Airplanes. All Great Planes Airplanes Have a 90-Day Warranty.


    A thick symmetrical airfoil for good wind penetration & slow landings
    Constructed of balsa, plywood, and hardwoods


    Nylon motor mount, prebent main landing gear, tail wheel wire, clear
    plastic canopy, vacuum-formed ABS plastic wheel pants, hardware,
    full size plans, and photo-illustrated instructions.


    Wingspan: 61" Wing loading: 21-26 oz/sq ft
    Wing Area: 675 sq in Weight: 6-7.5lbs
    Fuse Length: 48" Airfoil: fully-symmetrical low-wing
    CG: cntr of main spar Throws: Ail ¼" up/down
    Ele: 3/8" up 5/16" down
    Rud: ¾" left & right


    Engine: .45-.61 (2-stroke) or .60-.91 (4-stroke)
    (or even a .65 bushinged engine like the .65LA)
    Radio: 4 channel with four standard servos
    Covering: Two 6' rolls
    Misc. Items: 14oz fuel tank, fuel tubing, pushrods, clevises, hinges,
    2¾" treaded wheels, 1¼" tailwheel, assorted hardware,
    and various field and building equipment.


    Items needed to convert this plane to electric:
    Motor: Sport Application, FUN400-36
    Power Application, FUN480-33
    Battery: Sport Application, 30A @ 7 cells (8.4V) Smile/Jazz ESC
    Power Application, 32A @ 8 cells (9.2V) Smile/Jazz ESC
    40A @ 10 cells (12V), RC 1600s Jazz
    Aeronaut Prop: Sport Application, 12x8
    Power Application, 12x7
    APC Prop: Sport Application, 12x8E (APCQ4133)
    Power Application, 12x6E (APCQ4130)
    Speed Control: Jazz 40-6-18
    Gear Drive: KPG 25 4.2:1
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