Cirrus SR22 .46-.72 GP/EP ARF

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Cirrus SR22 .46-.72 GP/EP ARF

Great Planes GPMA1363 Airplane (Discontinued) Electric ARF

This item has been discontinued. The parts still available are listed below.
  • Cirrus SR22 .46-.72 GP/EP ARF

    This is the Radio Controlled, Glow or Electric Powered,
    Almost Ready to Fly Cirrus SR22T Airplane from Great Planes.


    Construction: Wooden wing and tail structures
    fiberglass fuselage & cowl, prehinged ailerons, flaps and rudder
    Wings: Balsa and ply, two-piece
    Aileron Control: Dual servo
    Covering: Top Flite MonoKote on wing and tail surfaces
    Fuel Tank: Approximately 14oz (414ml)
    Engine Mount: Two-piece composite
    Motor Mount: Plywood, may be assembled to fit the Great Planes
    RimFire .55 or the O.S. .50 brushless motors
    Landing Gear: Two piece composite main gear, prebent steel nose gear
    wire with three 2" (50mm) diameter foam wheels
    Spinner: Machined and polished aluminum 2-1/4" (57mm) diameter
    Lights: Navigation and landing


    Cirrus SR22T Airplane with Spinner, Landing Gear, Canopy, Decals
    Running and Landing Lights and Instruction Manual


    Radio: 6-channel
    Standard Servos: Three (1-elevator, 1-rudder, 1-throttle)
    Micro Servos: Two (1-aileron, 1-flap)
    6" (152mm) Servo Extension: One (for electric power only)
    9" (229mm) Servo Extension: Two
    16" (406mm) Servo Extension: Two
    Y-Harnesses: Two
    Switch Harness
    Charge Jack
    Receiver Battery: At least 1600mAh
    Glow power-
    .46-.55 cu in (7.5 - 8.9cc) glow engine
    Electric power-
    42-60-480 brushless motor, ESC, LiPo battery and compatible charger
    Propeller, building and field equipment


    Wingspan: 69" (1753mm)
    Wing Area: 493 sq in (31.8 sq dm)
    Wing Loading: 35-39oz/sq ft (107-119g/sq dm)
    Weight: 7.5-8.25lbs (3400-3740g)
    Length: 47.75" (1213mm)
    Center of Gravity (CG): 2-1/4" (57mm) back from the leading edge of
    the wing at the fuselage sides

    Control Throws High Rate Low Rate
    Elevator, Up & Down: 7/16" (11mm) 17° 5/16" (8mm) 12°
    Rudder, Right & Left: 1" (25mm) 30° 5/8" (16mm) 18°
    Ailerons, Up & Down: 3/4" (19mm) 21° 5/8" (16mm) 17°
    Flaps, Down: 1-1/2" (38mm) 35°

    Following is the Top Flite MonoKote color used on the wing, and
    stock number for 6' roll;
    Jet White, TOPQ0204


    Does not include pilot figure. Order WBRQ1140 if pilot figure is

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