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ElectriFly Super Sportster EP Brushless ARF

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ElectriFly Super Sportster EP Brushless ARF

Great Planes GPMA1161 Airplane Electric ARF
Preorder ETA: 11/09/2018

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  • ElectriFly Super Sportster EP Brushless ARF

    This is the radio controlled, brushless compatible, almost ready-to-fly
    ElectriFly by Great Planes Super Sportster EP Sport Airplane.
    For Intermediate Modeler/Fliers who have safely
    flown and landed a high wing trainer.


    Construction: Pre-built and pre-covered all wood construction
    Wings: One piece pre-covered, with plywood wing joiner
    Covering: Top Flite MonoKote
    Radio Compartment: Plywood reinforced, easily accessible under wing
    battery compartment located between cowl and canopy under
    magnetically secured hatch cover
    Cowling: Painted fiberglass
    Canopy: Single, tinted
    Landing Gear: Pre-formed wire with 2.1" (54mm) foam main wheels
    Tail gear: 2mm diameter wire with 1" (25.4mm) foam tailwheel
    Wheel Pants: Painted fiberglass
    Aileron Control: Single servo, full strip ailerons offer basic
    aerobatic potential for loops, rolls, spins and more
    Hardware: Included
    Building Time: Ready to fly in 5-6 hours
    Warranty: Great Planes Model Manufacturing Company guarantees this
    kit to be free from defects in both materials and workmanship at
    date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any component parts
    damaged by use or modification.


    Pre-built and covered wing, fuselage and tail, pushrods, prebent
    wire main landing gear, 2" main wheels, 1" tail wheel, 2" (51mm)
    red spinner, fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, tinted canopy, decals,
    hardware package and photo-illustrated instructions


    Radio: 4 channel with micro receiver
    Servos: 3 micro
    Motor: Brushless outrunner type
    ESC: 45A for brushless motors
    Battery: 11.1V LiPo, 3200 - 3700mAh
    Battery Charger: LiPo compatible
    Cell Balancer: For battery listed above
    Building and field equipment


    Wingspan: 48" (1220mm)
    Wing Area: 383 sq in (24.7 sq dm)
    Weight: 2.7 - 3 lb (1250 - 1360 g)
    Wing Loading: 17 - 18 oz/sq ft (52 - 55 g/sq dm)
    Length: 39" (990mm)
    Airfoil: Semi-Symmetrical
    Center of Gravity: 2¾" (70mm) Back from the wing's leading edge
    at the fuselage sides.
    Incidence: Stabilizer: 0°
    Main Wing: 1°
    Thrust Angle: Down 3°; Right 2°
    Control Throws- Low Rate High Rate
    Ailerons: Up & Down 1/4" (6mm) 16° 3/8" (10mm) 25°
    Elevator: Up & Down 3/8" (10mm) 9° 1/2" (13mm) 12°
    Rudder: Right & Left 3/4" (19mm) 13° 1" (25mm) 18°


    Following are the Top Flite MonoKote colors used to cover this model
    and order numbers for 6 foot rolls;
    Missile Red TOPQ0201
    Jet White TOPQ0204
    Black TOPQ0208

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    Poor quality covering job.






    I just received this plane and have not built it yet so I can't give a complete review. However, having several other balsa planes, I can say this has been the worst covering job I've seen. Every piece has smeared, dried CA glue marks and fingerprints all over the control surface hinge areas. Being a red color, it shows up horrifically and it total obvious. The plane is badly wrinkled, which I won't judge too severely as I know that happens during transit and temperature fluctuations. I looks like a 4 year old did the glue job. I was fortunate to be able, after an hour, to get most of the dried glue off with acetone. Now I have to tackle the wrinkles. I will follow up with another review after completion.

    Qakeith - Sanford, ME
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    4-10 years
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