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F18 PNP V2, Gray, 64mm EDF

F18 PNP V2, Gray, 64mm EDF

F18 PNP V2, Gray, 64mm EDF

FMS FMS092P Airplane Electric PNP
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  • F18 PNP V2, Gray, 64mm EDF

    The FMS F-18 Fighter is modeled after the F/A-18 Hornet, which fulfilled both fighter and attack aircraft duties. The first prototype of the Hornet was introduced on November 18, 1978. It entered service to the US Navy and Marine Corps in 1981. The Hornet has proven itself time and time again during Desert Storm, Operation Southern Watch and the Desert Fox strikes against Iraq in December of 1998. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Hornets dominated the aerial campaign by carrying out strikes, close air support, refueling, anti-shipping, and forward air control missions. True to the original, this F-18 EDF Jet has everything: high-speed flying, real jet style aerobatics and has one of the finest low-speed characteristics of any ducted fan airplane ever. Larger than most EDFs and pushers, the F-18 has a huge presence in the sky, just like the real Hornets. The F-18 Fighter is made with high-quality foam which gives it unparalleled durability.


    • Powerful 2627-5100kV motor
    • 50A ESC
    • Made from durable EPO foam
    • Super scale details including independent horizontal stabs
    • Steerable nose gear for easy taxi, take off, and landing
    • Detailed wing surfaces and decals
    • Motor, ESC, and servos come preinstalled for quick assembly
    • Can perform ground takeoffs or hand launches

    You Will Need

    4+ Channel Radio System
    LiPo Battery
    LiPo Charger
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