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Flash 850mm PNP w/Reflex V2

Flash 850mm PNP w/Reflex V2

Flash 850mm PNP w/Reflex V2

FMS FMS121P-REFV2 Airplane PNP
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  • Flash 850mm PNP w/Reflex V2


    For the pursuit of ultimate speed - introducing the FMS Flash! Designed to minimize drag, the sleek and slender FMS Flash slips through the air like a bullet - reaching whopping speeds of up to 112 miles per hour (180km/h)! The reinforced fuselage and swept wings ensure maximum airframe rigidity even in extreme conditions.

    Equipped with a FPV-ready canopy, you can easily install your favorite FPV gear to experience the speed firsthand. A specially designed handle grip and airframe skid under the fuselage ensures perfect hand-launch and belly landings every time.

    If you have the need for speed, your search is over! The 850mm FMS Flash is your ultimate speed machine.


    • Powerful 3536-1750Kv brushless motor and 60A esc combination
    • Pusher prop configuration
    • 112 mph (180km/h) top speed
    • FPV ready

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