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Jimny RTR 1/6th Scale

Jimny RTR 1/6th Scale

Jimny RTR 1/6th Scale

FMS FMS10602RSBR Vehicle RTR
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  • Jimny RTR 1/6th Scale


    Jimny, a legendary car, which successfully filled the market gap with its small displacement, small size, low price and unique market position, was born to break the traditional views on off-road vehicles and demonstrated itself as a reliable tool for off-road enthusiasts.

    The predecessor of the Jimny was the Hope Star ON 4WD of Hope Motors, which was sold to Suzuki Motor in 1968. 1970 saw the introduction of the LJ10 weighing 600kg with a 359cc two-stroke inline twin-cylinder equipped.

    FMS is proud to present this 1/6 scale officially licensed Jimny LJ1. It boldly adopts a metal beam, non-load bearing chassis, front and rear leaf spring suspension and universal joints. The soft-rubber-wrapped seats feature a cushion like softness and can be collapsed, making them a perfect match for 1/6 figures.

    Power switch and maintenance is more convenient as motor, ESC, receiver and battery are all delicately integrated under the hood. Just open the hinged hood for full access.

    Marvelous interior detailing is on full display, from the adjustable windshield and safety bars at the door positions on both sides, the real-lenses mirrors, to the linked steering wheel; from the miniature shadow instrument panel, mechanical buttons, to the manual gearshift, foot pedal set and so on.

    Different scale styling can be achieved with the large rear bucket space, perfect for various simulated parts when the tailgate is lowered and the spare tire carrier is opened to the right.

    The black adjustable anti-roll bar provides convenient methods for the upgrade of parts in various materials and styles. In terms of lighting, the headlights are always on by default, while the front and rear turn signals and taillights are reserved for light bead positions, which is convenient for upgrading the lighting system.

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