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Edge 540 750mm PNP w/Reflex

Edge 540 750mm PNP w/Reflex

Edge 540 750mm PNP w/Reflex

FMS FMM120PX Airplane PNP
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  • Edge 540 750mm PNP w/Reflex


    FMS has miniaturized the ultra popular 1300mm Edge 540! Don't let the small wingspan mislead you, the FMS 750mm Edge 540 is as much a beast as its older brother! Courtesy of the large control surfaces and high power-to-weight ratio, even the most advanced aerobatic maneuvers can be performed with pinpoint precision. Thanks to the small wingspan and a takeoff weight of only 390g, the 750mm Edge 540 will fly just about anywhere!


    • 2212 2500Kv Motor, Predator 20A ESC, 5G Servos X4
    • Oversized Battery Compartment For Easy Battery Installation
    • Oversized Control Surfaces
    • Screw Together Assembly
    • Made Of Ultra-Lightweight EPO Foam


    No detail was overlooked in the design of this aircraft- a latch-type canopy will easily put up with even the most violent maneuvers; while an oversized battery compartment makes installing batteries a breeze. Adorned with an attractive blue-black trim scheme, the Edge 540 looks fantastic in the air!

    Power comes from a 2212 2250Kv brushless motor with a Predator 20A ESC, giving the Edge 540 all the power you'll ever need. Want a fly-anywhere aerobatic machine? Look no further than the FMS 750mm Edge 540!

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