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P-51D, Petie 2nd V8, PNP, 1450mm

P-51D, Petie 2nd V8, PNP, 1450mm

P-51D, Petie 2nd V8, PNP, 1450mm

FMS FMM008PP2 Airplane (Discontinued) PNP
This item is discontinued but parts are still available in the Parts List below.
  • P-51D, Petie 2nd V8, PNP, 1450mm

    This version 8 of the FMS P51D Mustang has the most scale detail and most refined features of nearly any EPO foam RC plane on the market. The attention to detail and quality is simply amazing. The ailerons, elevator, and rudder feature 17g metal gear servos and the servoless e-retracts feature metal trunnions for extra durability. The landing gear struts on the FMS P51D are all metal and shock absorbing. The large tires and shock absorbing struts allow for easy flight from a grass field and also help to take the force out of an occasional hard landing. The flaps on the FMS P51 feature an extra slow moving servo for scale detail. The inner and outer landing gear doors open and close using a sequencer to allow for the most detailed landing gear ever seen on an FMS P-51 Mustang. In addition to all the features, the FMS P-51 is simply an amazing flyer. The latest version features a scale sequencer, battery tray, metal gear servos, and many more updated features.


    • Shock absorbing struts with 4mm diameter lower section
    • Removable battery tray (same as P-51B)
    • FMS sequencer which closes the gear doors after gear is down
    • Tail feathers with hardpoints for glueless assembly
    • 17g hybrid metal gear servos
    • Open air intake (same as P-51B)
    • Gold PAEP motor
    • 70A ESC
    • Single wire connector for easy wing removal (same as P-51B)
    • FMS retracts with 6 second open/close for more scale operation
    • Shock absorbing struts
    • Scale details like sliding canopy, functional air scoop, drop tanks (removable) and sequenced landing gear doors
    • Realistic 14" Four Blade Propeller
    • Scale pilot figure
    • Reinforced control surfaces (ailerons, elevator, and rudder)
    • High visibility LED navigation lights
    • Full functioning drop-hinge flaps for quick takeoffs and smooth landings
    • Durable EPO Foam


    57 in (1450mm)
    Overall Length:
    49 in (1240mm)
    Flying Weight:
    Approximately 82.9 oz (2350g)
    Motor Size:
    Brushless 4250-KV540
    6 Channel
    (6) 9G Servo, (3) 17G Servo
    Prop Size:
    Wing Area:
    553.35 sq in (35.4 sq dm)
    Wing Loading:
    0.15oz/sq in (66g/sq dm)
    Recommended Environment:
    Not included
    Speed Control:
    70A with 5A SBEC
    Assembly Time:
    Less than 1 Hour
    Recommended Battery:
    LiPo 14.8V 2600mAh 25C
    Experience Level:
    Elevator:: Yes
    Flaps:: Yes
    Rudder:: Yes
    Approximate Flying Duration:
    8 minutes
    CG (center of gravity):
    4.3 in (110mm) From Leading Edge
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