TorqMaster 90 Deluxe 12V

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TorqMaster 90 Deluxe 12V

Hobbico HCAP3200 Starter Motor
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  • TorqMaster 90 Deluxe 12V

    This is a Hobbico TorqMaster 90 Deluxe 12V Starter.
    It is designed for starting Glow Engines up to .90 cubic inches in size.

    *** 2-Year Warranty ***


    An Aluminum Starter Cone with V-Groove for Boat Starter Belts and
    Round Rubber Insert for Airplane Spinner Cones.
    Starter has Self-Adjusting Carbon Brushes for Longer Lasting Useage
    and Constant Contact with the Armature.
    Easy-Press Start Switch makes Starting Easy Without Requiring Heavy
    Finger Pressure and a built-in Finger-Guard promises Safe Starts.
    Pre-Attached Alligator Clips for easy attachment to a 12V battery


    One TorqMaster 90 Deluxe 12V Starter w/5' Cord & Alligator Clips.


    Winding Resistance: 1.3 ohms Brush width: 3/16"
    Weight: 3lbs and 6oz Current Draw: 11.6A load
    Armature length: 2" RPM: no load 4500rpm, load 3100rpm
    # of commutator contacts: 10 or 12 Measured torque: 310 oz-in at stall
    Shaft thread size- 6mm-1.0mm


    A 12V DC power source such as HCAP0800


    Panel-Ready Version with pre-installed banana plugs is HCAP3205
    The replacement rubber insert is HCAP3315 and aluminum cone HCAP3310
    Optional Rubber Adapters are as follows:
    Rubber Donut for Cars, use HCAP3320
    Jumbo Insert for Large Spinners, use HCAP3330 and HCAP3325
    Optional Starter Belts for Boats, Use: AQUB9530 (15"),
    AQUB9531 (17") and AQUB9532 (19")
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