Hand Crank Fuel Pump

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Hand Crank Fuel Pump

Hobbico HCAP3015 Fuel & Accessories
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  • Hand Crank Fuel Pump

    This is a Hand Operated Fuel Pump for Transferal of
    Glow Fuel from a Fuel Storage Bottle Into An R/C Model.

    *** One-Year Warranty ***


    For use with Glow Fuels.
    Ergonomic design is more comfortable to hold.
    Allows high-speed filling and emptying.
    Extremely smooth gear mesh assures years of trouble-free use.
    Special high-quality pump mechanism resists leakage.
    Can be mounted on a feild box using two (included) mounting screws.
    Outer case and handle made of gray plastic.


    One Hand Crank Fuel Pump
    One Filler Nozzle
    One Filtered Fuel Can Pick-Up
    Two Self-Tapping Mounting Screws
    One Instruction Header Card


    Fuel Can Fittings, use GPMP4155.
    3/32" Fuel Tubing, use GPMQ4131 or Recoil Fuel Tubing


    Length: 4-1/8"
    Width: 2-1/4"
    Height: 1-1/2"
    Overall Height: 2-3/4" (with handle)


    This is for Glow Fuel Only, some incorrect ads say gas & glow fuel.
    Identical in mechanical details to the original version, except for:
    More ergonomic design for comfortable hold.
    Delivers 10% more fuel in the same amount of time.
    Re-engineered hand crank is easier to turn.
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