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Tailwheel Bracket,.40 Plane

Tailwheel Bracket,.40 Plane

Tailwheel Bracket,.40 Plane

Dubro Products DUB375 (DUBQ1365) Landing Gear / Wheels
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  • Tailwheel Bracket,.40 Plane

    For the R/Cer who wants a sturdy bracket for their tailwheel assembly,
    Dubro's tailwheel brackets are your choice. Made of lightweight, durable
    nylon this is great for .40 size airplanes. Includes 1 bracket,
    1 wire(axle) 1/16" diameter, 1 dura-collar and 3 flat washers.
    Requires a recommended 3/4" size tailwheel such as DUBQ0940.

    update AXY 5/18/93

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